Reaching out to France sending our Spiritual Love

November 16, 2015

Vive La France! We are seeing France’s colors blue, white and red appear all over the world in patriotic solidarity for the horrible terror attacks on that nation and its people this past week. Those of us at send not only our message of unity to the people of France but our spiritual wishes as well. Our thoughts for spiritual renewal can be as important as our patriotic proclamations.

As someone who was on the World Trade Center Plaza in New York City on September 11, 2001, I understand the horror and fear that comes from having your city and home attacked. Well wishes poured in from around the world as well during this tragic act of violence. It took a bit of time before I realized it would not be anger that would heal me but my personal relationship to the universe and the insight I could learn from this encounter that would turn me from my rage. I delved deeper into my connection and studies with healing arts such as Astrology and Tarot. It helped save my sanity during an insane time, as well as my spirit.

It can be hard to turn to spiritual love in the midst of calls for action of retribution. Anger and disbelief seem to lead us instead. This is all understandable. But during any time of chaos and confusion, including something as large as what took place in France, is when we need to still our mind and spirit on what will heal us and not just fulfill our sense of revenge.

While doing a Tarot reading this morning, I was reminded of one of the Major Arcana cards I encountered in one of my first readings for myself following 9.11 – The Star, a beautiful and magical card of the Tarot; representing the Star within you that holds hope and faith close to its heart. She often appears when we feel we have no more to give and standing on the edge of collapse.  It represents a reflection of the tough path you have had to walk – with only the soft glow of hope and faith to guide you. These two essential qualities to a full inspiring life can help carry us through the roughest of times. It also shows us how brave our heart is and how concerned it is with the spiritual and why the healing influences of this card is at work in our life.

We always have choice and those of us who choose to follow their Star will be tested and challenged along their journey but the Star promises a reward of a positive outlook to those who rise to her lesson. You have held your mind’s eye on the Star of hope, faith and promise for a better tomorrow. It takes a great deal of courage to walk with The Star, but the rewards are due to come – this is the message of the Star.  It can be hard to realize while insecurities, fears and doubts have been continually swirling in our mind
and around us in situations that we can step up our faith and belief that a new future can arise. This is what the people of France and everywhere else that terror wants to plague us need to embrace.

I send my patriotic unity to France and its people as well as my spiritual wishes for its healing from someone who understands first hand all the different emotions, good and unhelpful you can be experiencing. Let them all pass through you so you can hold onto the positive ones that will help you recover and move forward again in life. It is possible!

I learned through my 9.11 experience, you do not come to encounter The Star card through easy developments and happiness – this helps build the foundation of our conviction – but it is not what tests our resolve and belief in ourselves. The Star originates in your heart, your intuition and your experience with the higher meaning in our lives. You can see why I think this card has a magical healing influence!

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