Preparing For Love

June 17, 2016

Most of us want to share our lives with someone we love and respect, but sometimes is not easy to find someone special. If you are looking for true love, you must be prepared for it. In order to be ready for a serious relationship, you must be aware of your own values. Try to look at yourself, your relationship history, and the expectations you have for future relationships, before you start looking for a special person to share your life with. Remember that you may find a relationship by being someone else, but it certainly won‘t be the relationship that lasts. We always attract to our lives those things that match our state of belief, so start preparing yourself for love by believing that your soulmate is out there, and by healing yourself from your past, in order to be in equal vibration to what you’d like to attract. The Universe is always returning back to us our beliefs about ourselves and what is around us, so release the baggage of negative thoughts and leave some space for more loving and positive energy to come your way. Keep in mind that when we are unable to let go of a past relationship, our energy keeps telling the Universe that we’re taken, and we block the way for new energy to enter our lives.

Negative self esteem can be a big obstacle for love because it reflects how other people view us, as well as how we present ourselves to the world. We can’t expect someone to love us when we can’t love ourselves. Most of us understand what it means to love someone, we often have admiration and emotional investment in another person, but self love is not familiar for a lot of people. Start caring more for yourself and your own needs, in order to overcome negative beliefs about yourself. Get to know and list your positive attributes, so you can reflect on them daily. Remember that love means sharing yourself with someone else who accepts you for who you are, and the journey of self discovery can lead you to acknowledge and be proud of your own unique traits.

Creating a happy, fulfilling life in order to receive love, and allowing it to grow is a constant task. Make a conscious effort to spend your time doing the things that matter to you, and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone in order to try something new and exciting every now and again. Don’t expect anyone “to make you happy”, and start taking responsibility for your own happiness. When you create a life you adore, and learn to be happy alone, you will also understand what you bring to a relationship. Don’t expect something outside yourself to cause your life to blossom, because the single most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself: once you nurture and fix yourself, you will find it much easier to connect with others and care for someone in a healthy way.

Self care equals wellbeing, and if you want to attract an amazing partner, you must be in a place in your life where you know that you are worthy of respect and love. You must get real with yourself and the life you want to live. Let go of other’s expectations for your life, and release the memories of old relationships. Remember that everything you went through in the past made you the person you are today, and listen to your soul in order to explore what it is telling you to do. We need to be spiritually and emotionally prepared to meet a special someone. Remember that a great relationship usually begins before you meet the right person, and from now on, focus on recognising your worth in order to create the life you want to live, and you will attract the love you deserve.

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