Power Of Intention

September 18, 2015

I believe we can make our dreams manifest into a material reality with the power of intention. When our minds eye becomes fixated on our hearts desire, we have the potential to move metaphorical mountains to make our ideas a reality.

We all have heard quotes, songs and tidbits of knowledge that encourage us to see our dreams as something we can become. I believe in this magic we hold within. If we can start with all good intentions in our desires and motivations, our power becomes like a mathematical equation of energy for whatever is put out – is what you will get in return.

The power of intention lives in the realm of God. Every aspect of our body’s function has the intention of keeping us alive. Our mind holds this same promise. We are given the daily options of choosing to live in fear or love. Love is the true intention of God. When we are connected to this universal power source we can hear our intuition and heart to guide us towards our destiny. It also can help us when we feel we have lost our way.

How do we get started in pulling in the power of intention into our lives? It starts with our thoughts, including and most importantly, those we have about ourselves. As a Tarot reader, I had to learn firsthand the core lesson offered by the Suit of Swords in the Tarot deck of thinking positive and constructive thoughts for self. When we apply this love to our thoughts about self it is much easier to translate positive thoughts to others as well. This is empowering energy!

When I encounter any card in the Suit of the Swords it is my indicator I need anxiety and what feels like paralyzing fear to take a hike out of my life! I know this sounds easier than done – but the point of the Suit of Swords is for the reader to realize all the power we can apply to breaking free from unproductive and stagnant situations comes from the control of our mind. This is the power of intention in action.

The ancient Tarot readers taught us the lessons in the beginning numbers of the Suit of Swords is about the reader exploring and emerging with a new way of thinking. The ancients also told us part of this journey is about breaking free from the archetypical viewpoints we have embraced as our own in the past but do not apply to our thinking any longer. When we start to express our new ideas and intellect, I have learned some people will dig this and some will not – but that is the beauty of the Swords, they are your ideas, intentions and new outlooks and they need to be cared for and nurtured by you!

When we allow love instead of fear to live in our heart and thoughts we have the first tool in our spiritual quest for God’s intention in our life. Love allows good thoughts and ideas to flourish. Without the input of fearful or insecure thoughts ruling our intention and then our actions, we can listen clearly to God’s message for us. As a Tarot reader I encounter so many people, who like me, believed I could not do this or that until I realized I could because I changed the conversation in my mind and heart to one of power and yes, I can!

And I did! Every day I woke up believing and thinking of ways I could change the direction of my life to meet the reality of my dreams. Applying love in my thoughts and actions was my compass. Answers and direction came pouring in. When we allow God and love to work with us and through us – anything is possible.

When we align our intentions with God’s love we can also have larger doses of hope and faith so we handle the situations we encounter through life calmly and securely.  When we feel stressed, quarrelsome and irritable these are signs we are disconnected from Gods source and we are on the wrong path of our intentions. When we act in this manner it means our thoughts need to change – immediately.

We can change our thoughts instantly to love and kindness. It may not stop others from behaving in a hurtful manner but it helps you be the best in God’s eyes. When we act in such ways we are taking control, masters of our mind and intention. This is power.

The famous motivational speaker Wayne Dyer passed away two weeks ago. Part of his life was spent trying to help people understand this magical connection between God and ourselves and how it plays out in our intentions. I offer this quote as an example of his powerful work.

“Will is the idea that I’m going to make this thing happen. Intent is inspiration-allowing it to take place. I don’t say that will is bad.
But it’s the work of the ego-believing that we are controlling everything-rather than surrendering to the source of energy that is greater than any of us. In my children’s bedroom, I framed this message:
“Good morning. This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a miraculous day!”

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