Power Of Intention

August 3, 2018

When you begin exploring spirituality, you will find yourself experiencing positive vibes that leave you feeling more peaceful and relaxed. You start to understand the concept of a Higher Self and you learn how to connect with your Higher Self in order to access its unlimited energy. Your Higher Self is a Spiritual Ego, it’s that part of you that connects you directly to the spiritual realms and transcends your everyday consciousness. When you are in tune with your Higher Self, you become more loving and sensitive to your own needs. Connecting to your Higher Self allows you to fulfill you life’s purpose, as it represents a more evolved version of yourself, your true self.

Knowing your true self is a magical experience. It is like being introduced to the person you are behind the Earthly mask you are currently wearing. I believe that connecting to your Higher Self happens in the process of spiritual awakening, and it only happens when you are ready to open yourself up to receive the life that your soul truly desires. As you grow more spiritual, you are more sensitive to everything around you. You start to notice the changes you are experiencing in your mind, body and life, and you feel compelled to begin exploring a spiritual journey to give more meaning to your life. Sometimes, the urge to meet our Higher Selves occurs in mysterious ways. Last week, I wrote an article about synchronicity, and how things like seeing repeating numbers carry a lot of energy, and can be a sign of spiritual awakening. There is a special connection between this article and the article I wrote previously because when we experience synchronicity, it means that we are in tune with our authentic selves (or Higher Selves), and it wants us to feel assured and confident in our path.

How amazing it is to know that you have a loving, spiritual force urging you to learn more about your life’s purpose? Your Higher Self is the spirit part of you that exists in the non -physical realm, and its infinite source of intelligence has the power to guide your life with meticulous care and wisdom, navigating the right people and situations into your journey, and constantly communicating directly to you through synchronicities, visions and dreams…When you understand that you can consciously connect to your main source of energy, creativity, intelligence and guidance, you can learn to raise your vibration, and become closer to Spirit. You are able to receive and interpret messages from the Spiritual World that you usually ignore. You regain confidence and inner peace, because you are allowing your true self to shine, and channelling your true powers.

Connecting to your Higher Self is possible when you quiet the mind. Making purposeful contact requires you to learn to quiet the mind and relax the body through meditation. When I want to connect to my energy source, I always choose a room that is special to me, because when connecting to our true selves, we need to feel love and comforting energy surrounding us. Without distractions, I focus on my breath and my body rather than my thoughts, and I spend a few moments just taking in the present moment. If I get distracted at some point, I gently bring my thoughts back to my body and my surroundings, channeling all my attention on my breath, experiencing calmness and peacefulness. As time passes, I begin to acknowledge my thoughts and emotions, but I act like an observer of my own mind. At this point, I imagine a bright light within me, that slowly transcends my body. This bright light keep rising until I can see my own physical body below, then the place where my body sits. The light rises and rises, and I reach the point where houses, trees and cars are tiny dots below;  I can see the light moving past the planets of the Solar System and on beyond. Hovering in space, I become aware that I am headed for a Star that is my own central core of Being. The Star always has a message to me. Sometimes I will hear words, or I see an image, other times I will receive information that will stay there for me to use later, when it is needed. I experience a sense of indescribable love and Oneness like no other. I stay there for as long as I feel I need to be there, and when I feel it is time to come back, I usually move faster than when I went out, but I go through all the steps, and I feel amazingly good and energised afterwards.

We are used to give awareness to what’s outside instead of our inner self. We all can develop a close working relationship with Spirit, and experience the joy, peace and empowerment that is in our Higher Selves. You are a Divine Being, never allow your ego to diminish your greatness.

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