Positive Thought’s

June 30, 2019

“We are all responsible for our own thoughts”. You may have read or heard this affirmation before, but today, I want you to pay attention to it. I want you to understand and take responsibility for your thoughts and try to detach yourself from your own judgment before adopting a negative mindset, because this is a powerful affirmation. When we are able to understand that it is in our hands to change the way we look at things, we become aware that whenever our attention goes, energy flows.

When we adopt a negative perspective, it becomes really difficult to focus on something that can lift our spirits up, and boost our energy levels. Positive thoughts can change your life when you take responsibility on how you feel, and make a commitment to always be clear on what you want to focus on. When you decide to focus on the happiness of the bigger picture, you make it impossible to let the little things in your everyday life, get to you.

If you are worried, stressed and anxious about the future, focus on the present moment. Take your time to put yourself in the present, and give your energy and attention to it. You will feel a instant relief, because right in this moment, you will be able find peace, no matter how busy your mind is. Try practicing this daily, and before you know, you will be able to put things into perspective, and improve your mood drastically, because you will realise that most of the problems you have now, will not really matter to you in the long run.

Learn to look for the best and most positive thing in every situation. Taking control of your thoughts allows you to stop yourself from always jumping to negative conclusions, and recognise that most problems are temporary. You are able to stop giving minor setbacks the power to stop you from achieving larger goals. Expect positive outcomes, your mind is powerful.

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