Positive Thinking

July 29, 2018

Learning from our mistakes is different from getting entangled in our failures. We can’t expect to sail through life without a hiccup because it’s unrealistic and sets us up to frustration. We can only find inner happiness when we focus on our future and free ourselves from the past. When we refuse to move forward, we end up feeling neglected, and trapped in negative emotions. What counts in life is how we deal with failure, and not the failure itself.

Positive thinking is achieved when we let go of negative emotions. We need to deal with the negativity in order to prepare ourselves to receive positive energy. Trying to push the emotion away may work for a little while, but these tendencies can make the problem worse in the long term. Acknowledging that a negative emotion originated from a particularly stressful time in your past, helps you to understand yourself better, and also gives you the opportunity to choose to interpret the situation from a different perspective.

Start working on a more positive way of thinking, and keep in mind that patterns of thoughts and feelings can be difficult to change, but you’re the one in control of how you feel. If you have realised your mistakes but failed to figure out the reasons, let it go and move forward.

When we understand that most of our thoughts have nothing to do with truth, and everything to do with how we’re feeling at that exact moment, we are able to release negativity. We realise that all we need to do is focus on what’s in front of us. When bad thoughts occur, put your mind in the present moment, and be aware of how you’re feeling; Then, focus on gratitude: you will be able to feel the negative emotion dissipate on its own.

I’ve learned to be grateful for all my past failures, and past frustrations in life, because they brought me an opportunity to grow and to avoid making the same mistakes again. Dealing with disappointment in a positive way it’s enlightening, and the path to finding happiness along the way.

Realise that you’re human and give yourself some credit in hard times, self compassion is essential to move forward. You need to forgive yourself before you can expect others to forgive you, or be able to forgive others. I’s not good to bottle up feelings. Every day, find a way to relieve tension (meditation is great), you will feel energised and empowered to distract yourself from intense and negative feelings.

Adopting a more positive perspective also requires you to forget about how other people view you, and avoiding comparing yourself to other people. Trust yourself and never allow others to tell you that you are not good enough: when you pursue your dreams, and try your best to fulfill your desires, it’s easier to allow each failure to serve as an opportunity to strengthen your determination in the face of criticism.

Start your positive life plan today. Learn to love yourself, and accept others just the way they are. Getting lost in your positive thoughts is so empowering. Every day, write down two things that went well, or two things you are grateful for. Remember that when we lose our purpose in life, we end up chasing after meaningless things just to fill this gap. Start developing a consistent path of truth, wisdom and love. Seeking enlightenment is life changing, and very, very rewarding.

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