Past Lives, Reincarnation and Akashic Records

October 16, 2013

Our past lives refer to the process of reincarnation, a belief that at death our soul leaves its bodily form and is later reborn in a form or being, different religions hold differing beliefs about re birth. But most of them believe that our souls are on a journey that over many lifetimes through reincarnation we learn lessons and develop spiritually, our actions in previous lives will affect our current life until we change them. At death the soul moves to a higher place to reflect on what it has learnt and what remains to be resolved, sometimes picking the same people to have as family and partners in the next life to try to solve the issues they had in the previous life. Eventually once the soul has learnt and developed enough the reincarnation process stops as they chose to be spirit guides or they can chose to continue to be reborn to help others (old souls).

I know I have had many lives, and in this life I have had relationship with a man who was my wife in several lives. In those lives I treated her appallingly and I started to repeat this pattern in this life. But even though I did not know why, I stopped and set him (her) free to be happy in this life, I stopped hurting him (her) as subconsciously I knew I had to stop this pattern.

It is not likely that reincarnation can be proved or disproved, but past life hypnosis has allowed people to recall incredibly historically accurate lives.  But an understanding of our previous lives can bring about spiritual growth, healing and an understanding of some of our personal issues e.g. eating disorders, fear of water, etc.

The akashic records are said to be the records held of all human experience, all reincarnation and all experiences, as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the fabric of all existence. They are mentioned in the bible as a ’library’ or the mind of god, records that are updating all the time as they review our actions and existence in every life time.  These records can be accessed under deep hypnosis or astral projection.

Although known to most religions akashic records and reincarnation became popular in the West at the end of the last century when they were described as an ‘immense photographic film’ and were thought to contain the records of Atlantis. They also stated that these records contained your future lives, all of them could be access and once you understand the blocks in place in your records you can start to remove them.

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