Past Life Regression and Healing Yourself in a Spiritual Manner

August 28, 2015

Have you ever had that feeling of having been in a place you have never visited before? Or drawn to a certain point in history you can relate to for no apparent reason? Maybe you have experienced a déjà vu for certain situations? You may be having a Past Life Regressions you can harness for understanding and spiritual healing while having a whole lot of fun exploring this new dimension of our souls.

The great scientist Albert Einstein pointed out these possibilities when he said “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” What if we could ‘jump’ to another life encounter while living this one to learn, heal and grow in our present carnation?

I recently had the honor of experiencing a Past Life Regression that gave me great insight as to why I carry certain values, insecurities and positions. Honest, loyalty and trust are keywords I try to live by for my behavior and one I admire and want in others. I learned through my Past Life Regression I was none of these qualities in a former life and I probably died because of them. A hard lesson I seemed to have carried forward into this life – thankfully.

As an example of this tie-in from one life to another, during my Regression I was instantly taken to the streets of Stratford-upon-Avon in England. I could actually feel the cobble stone on my feet. In my current life, I grew up in Avon, Connecticut named after this famous English location. My Regression then placed me in an old English pub setting, a dark, seedy and loud place I felt comfortable in. When I was younger in this lifetime, I ran a string of night clubs and enjoyed my work while never feeling frightened
in these style locations because of a built-in street sense. My Regression then showed me up close, joining in the laughter and throwing cards around.

I am a Tarot card reader today so I thought the cards I was sharing in my Past Life were these. Not feeling that was quite right, I then realized I was a gambler in my former life. Something I am not keen on at all in this life experience. I was then instructed to view my former death. Knowing I was killed for cheating in cards, I witnessed falling from a high tree trying to avoid detection from others seeking me out for my indiscretions. While peaceful in its encounter I now know why heights worry me and why honest, trust and loyalty are so important to me.

It was really cool learning about these triggers and how to overcome the negative ones I have carried forward into this life. Do you feel some of your phobias and strong likes and dislikes could be associated with a past life? I always felt there was some connection and after this Past life Regression I feel I now know the why.
We were also taught how to conduct our own Past life Regression through simple meditation that quiets the mind to ask for the insight to view these experiences. We can allow ourselves to visit these past lives and use them to understand ourselves better in this life and most importantly review what we may have already learned the hard way to never to allow it to happen again.

Through this directed meditation I have since seen myself as an Untied States Civil War solider and a Roaring ‘20’s socialite. I have always been drawn to both of these periods in history. I have also disliked war and violence of any style and have never understood how people can be placed on a higher level than others because of social or class status. I know why now.

If you believe you have had past life experiences why not try to connect with your other you through time. While the gambler may have been a shady sort of fellow he was also jolly and someone who was well liked and could have others follow him. Positive qualities I enjoy today and feel in large part was learned from this rowdy but deceitful guy. But that is spiritual growth as well. Learning what needs to stay and what behavior and viewpoints need to go away, even if they need to be learned over lifetimes.

Ask for God’s light and protection and allow your mind to be open to the possibilities and visuals you will experience. It is that easy! If you are feeling unsure maybe you can follow Albert Einstein’s other wisdom when he said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science.”  Enjoy your journey!

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