Option’s Without Fear

September 20, 2020

How many times in your life have you put off doing something because you wasn’t able to decide the best course of action to take? Do you trust your own opinions? Do you listen to the voice deep inside you, a soft voice that tells you your truth? Today can be the day that you start living more from purpose and less from habit. Once you face your fears and make a decision to actively pursue your dreams, you will realise things are not as scary as you originally thought. Free yourself from negativity, let go of fear and direct your energy to trust your own decisions. When you listen to the voice of your soul, there’s no room for fear. Deep inside, this voice guides you, it wants what’s best for you, it wants you to fulfill the longings of your existence.

It’s very difficult to find inner peace when you keep attempting to escape from reality. I believe that sticking to your opinion without fear is about being able to overcome your ego telling you that you are not good enough. This fear of failure and rejection stops you from finding the confidence to fight your own dragons. It makes you unable to trust yourself to find your own personal path. You can only be confident in your choices in life when you learn to trust your opinions. Have enough faith in yourself to be able to move on from something, because you know that you deserve more. Focus on what you want to attract to yourself, and spend time knowing yourself, in order to let go of the opinions of others, that loudly washes out your quieter inner voice of love. Remember that all the answers are within yourself, and outside opinions create a conflict with your soul voice. The opinion of others often paralyse you when it comes to make important decisions. Never feel guilty for wanting the best for yourself. Your gain does not contribute to someone else’s loss.

Stop listening to your Ego and allow yourself to move in the direction that you are meant to go. Just as easily as you can absorb someone else’s sadness, your ego is constantly capturing criticism. It can make you stop trusting yourself in vulnerable times in your life. Your Ego makes you feel that you have to be in control of everything, and in order to achieve this, it asks you to stay in your comfort zone, putting doubt and confusion in your head. It makes you focus on fear, failure, and negativity. Once you realise that all the good things that happens in life begins with making a decision, you may find that sometimes your inaction is attracting negativity to yourself that is preventing you to achieve what you want.

Think about yourself experiencing life without your fear. Does it feel good? Good feelings means good reality. Everything you wish usually is in the other side of fear. Only you know what makes you happy in life. Being aware of the desires of your soul is the only way to stick to your opinions without fear. When your actions are balanced with your intuition, you can focus on meaningful things to you, and develop your spirituality. Wisdom comes from understanding other people, but enlightenment comes from understanding yourself and trusting your choices.

Faith and positivity are bigger than any fear. Your largest fear always carries your greatest growth. When you feel your Ego is getting in the way of your faith, remember that fear can never be the driving force behind your actions. Keep your faith and take control of your life because when you become inactive, the Universe will bring you unwanted results. Embrace the unknown. Sometimes, is not the future that makes you scared, but it’s repeating the past that makes you anxious.

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