One Step at a Time?

November 1, 2013

How often do we sit on one of the steps in the picture wondering how we got there and how do we make the change? We put blocks in our way so we can change from I won’t to I can’t, as time goes by we change our mind to I want to but I can’t. That’s where we get stuck and can stop …I want to but…

If we really want it we look for ways around the blocks and lets face it a lot of them are based on our fears – what will people say, what if I fail and so on.  All it takes is to be brave and the way forward becomes obvious, and we give it a try, but when we say try it means we will allow ourselves to fail. So we have to move to I can which still gives us an option not , when we get to I will we start to visualise the task and before we know it we have achieved that impossible goal.

Next week we going to look at some visualisations to help you get up the steps, but in the mean time check out our life coaches and counsellors who can help you from I won’t to I’ve done it.

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