Niche In Life.

February 26, 2018

A question of self-realization arise for everyone and is perhaps the most difficult to solve. In our world far from perfection there are few happy and lucky who can honestly admit that everyday routine reflects his image of happiness. However, in most cases humanity is wandering in often fruitless search of self-realization and rarely can find a refuge and stay peaceful and content. In the seemingly diverse world there are few fields which are definitely the places for the soul to grow. Despite the plenty of jobs, positions, professions, it is still hard to find exactly what you wish. There brilliant corporate opportunities, which allure young minds with the benefits and promises, nevertheless, end with the bouquet of stresses, burnouts and dissatisfaction. The bunch of lofty professions seems a shelter for talented youth yet a severe economic reality put them down very quickly, and lots of geniuses end up with serving burgers or cleaning the toilets throughout the day, just to survive or earn for life-saving surgery for family members. Fear for future is such a devastating emotion that paralyzes the very question of calling or passion, devaluating them as unpractical daydreaming. Basically, the question narrows to the dilemma “function or mission”, “existing or life”, “money or spirit”, “norm or extraordinary”, “safety or freedom”, putting person against and unbearable choice.

There are so many factors, especially in a complex globalised world which influence our feeling of self-fulfilment and are hardly under control of one person. We have to adapt, and the search of the niche turns into balancing among the variety of choices. This spiritual and intellectual surfing might be even enjoyable for some time unless a wrong move or too hard wave of change crush you into the abyss of unemployment or crisis. To avoid this ups and downs it is impossible to do without an anchor, and what can be the best anchor if not your own soul and mind?

To find your niche is possible in one case: if you know yourself. And this is an extremely challenging task, as we may think we can or want doing something and it may not correspond the truth. It is a relief to realize that you possess a bright talent, especially in music or arts, which just lead you through life, and all events and people come in your life to release your gift. But what to do if you like many things, if you can do a lot yet is reluctant to choose any specific sphere? Is there any chance of reconciliation of the soul’s needs and demands of reality?

If to accept the views on human life as a constant growth and development, is there any sense of thinking and looking for a niche then? If our energy bodies are flexible entities which are going through different stages to learn some specific skills or create something significant, they will drive us to certain tasks and things which we identify as “likes”. We suddenly start receiving pleasure and fulfilling from doing a certain task, and this is a sign that we must do it. Moreover, if what we do is good or advanced, it is just another sign to continue. And if it turns to something deeper, bringing more audience, or becoming more quality, or involving more people or staff, expanding and developing, this is definitely a sign to be a sphere of something more profound than a hobby or short-lasting occupation.

Knowing yourself is a life-long skill, and it is a constant self-knowing and learning process. If we learn non-stop, if we keep our hearts open to new experience, and our eyes and ears – to the feedback we receive from life in the form of visible results or critics from the people, we can change together with the changes, catch a right flow, find out just another talent in ourselves, or force we didn’t suspect at all, and go on with a flow called life. Only moving we paradoxically find a centre, as if fulfilling the secret of The Wheel Tarot Arcana: accepting the cycles, we remain in the centre. If we choose a modest function, our niche will remain such, but if there is uncertain drive inside to something bigger, we need to be prepared for constant storms, which will become the niche we are looking for, and in the storm there will be the desired piece.


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