New Year – Let It Be Really NEW

January 3, 2015

Christmas Magic time arrived. All over the world thousands of people wait for wonders, kindness, presents, holidays, parties… It is the time between. Between Old and New. It’s like a gates, threshold, door. It destroys distance and indifference, binding people’s hearts together in the joy of holy days. Holy joy fills our spirit. The Wheel has made a turn again making remember all past events, get rid of hard burdens, think about wrongs and rights, dream about future and feel gratitude, really holy feeling. Releasing, pleasant and blessed.

At this time of gratitude I wish to send my sincerest, warmest and deepest gratitude from the heart to The best thing which happened to me in my life during the passing year was Tarot Reading and consultation here. Maybe for most it’s just an additional part of life but for me it has become a real wonder. All key events are connected to the holy days during that sacred winter period. The trial reading was on the eve of St.Nicolas day (Slavic Santa Claus) – the starting point of winter holidays and the night of wonders. The first reading was in the middle of Slavic Christmas time, at the beginning of January. And my first invoice I received at the end of holidays. So it became very significant for me.

Every call, every person who contacted me became a whole story which taught me a lot. It showed me my skills are needed, and my everyday studies and meditations with Tarot are not in vain. It brought me the feeling of appreciation when you feel people are grateful for your efforts. It gave me the feeling of sense of life when you do a useful thing, when you serve and serve with pleasure. When I read testimonies my heart beats faster and each word of feedback inspires me to work more, move forward and hope. When I receive a call my mind and heart create a special magic bridge like a fairy rainbow which I believe makes the world brighter and fills both reader and querent with the sacred desire to know, transform and grow. I experience this only during my traveling with volunteer projects and never at home.

Thanks to all who created and support the site, to those who almost a year ago read my inquiry and answered it. Thanks to all who helped me with practical details and sacrificed time and attention to each of my requests and mails. Thanks all who believed in me and allowed to become the part of the team. Thanks to all whom I know and all whom I do not know, to organizers, managers and readers. Thank you for the people who call me, who trust me. Your satisfaction and spiritual comfort is a huge award indeed.

Happy New Year to us all! Let joy and divine blessing be upon everyone! I wish creative inspiration, new discoveries in the fields we work. Prosperity, abundance, good luck to all who made it possible and created this site. Love, peace and harmony to all who visit here and choose readers. Let your inquiries be good, positive and light but also be sure you will find guidance and consolation in case of hard situation.

Happy New Year!

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