Need to Change Your Direction in Life: Believe In Yourself

July 16, 2015

Many times when we need to instigate a change in our life we can find ourselves at a point of exhaustion at every level before we truly realize the status quo can no longer survive. We only do damage to ourselves when we hold onto people and things that need to go by the wayside so we can move forward. We can lose respect and value in our selves when we know a change needs to take place. These negative feelings about ourselves only grow deeper the longer we put off our decision to change direction in our life. Our fatigue and possibly our own fight against this change can often contribute to any feelings of insecurity we may have built up through this process. All of this can undermine our self-confidence. How can we move forward if our belief in our self is depleted?

When we have been through so much we can forget how far we have really come and forget how those rough experiences made us a stronger, wiser and more valued creative individual. This can be especially true when we may have encountered people and situations that hurt us and tested our faith in others. It is sometimes hard to remember taking the journey and rising to the test is why we are here. It also reminds us to celebrate how far we have come and what accomplishments we have made.

When we carry insecurities and fears built up in our past into our future, we can easily miss new opportunities presenting themselves to us because we may feel too tired and overwhelmed to try something new. But we must because the point of what we have painfully gone through was designed to get us out of a rut and apply our energy and belief to new growth in our lives. I can speak intimately to this – and many of you can too!

I knew I was getting a wake- up call from God it is time to move on and explore new creative territories because the original drive and passion for my creative idea had disappeared and was replaced by the exhausting realities of maintaining that idea – especially when we know it is time to move on, every action and detail seems too much to handle. This could also be said of draining relationships.

I recently encountered my last major life change while in my 50’s. After 25 years of building a business in New York City, with a tag line of Embrace Change – I did not want to enact any change, any longer. Reluctant and scared I did not want to face all the signs my creative self was tired and bored! I was also realizing I was working with individuals who were dishonest – a big no-no for this hard working Taurus. In addition to fear I felt I needed to be a responsible adult.
We can plod along anyway because this is ‘what is expected of us’ not only by others but by ourselves as well. I needed to get my head on straight so I grabbed my Tarot Cards for insight. A clue I would later realize would lead me to my true destiny.

God’s card choice in revealing the Nine of Pentacles to me illustrates why we all can believe in ourselves to create something new regardless and because of our past experiences. The Nine of Pentacles is a remarkable card in our journey of the golden coin. With the Nine’s in Tarot we achieve an inner balance of self-confidence and satisfaction in our life because of our past efforts. No one can remove this earned reward because it comes from within. Regardless where the Wheel of Fortune decides to place your fates, you have an inner compass that points you to your destiny. Because you have risen to the many situations, good and bad, that come along in the journey of life, your sense of your own worth and ability is heightened because it is now one of permanence. It was exactly what I needed to be reminded of.

Nines are hopeful outlooks and we learn to confidently apply this vision for a time of growth and exploration. Maybe you are still feeling worn down from your previous experience and feeling not only a lack of energy but confidence. This is the wonderful meaning of the Nine’s – we only encounter this number of the suit because we have ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk’ of life – which admittedly can be draining but if we catch your breath and see the ability we hold within because of these experiences we can reconnect with our self-confidence and power.

The release of positive creative energy, after delays and struggles, is another part of this cards meaning. The useful energy of competition and conflict come to light with this card. At times we need this energy to spurn us onwards, especially if God thinks we are spent – along comes one more challenge to help us find the answer to why and how we should move forward.
This kick of creative self-confidence that I needed to apply allowed my mind and heart to be open to the possibilities of doing Tarot full time. An idea I would have thought crazy before I remembered who I was and reconnected positively with my self-confidence. I had achieved so much why would I think I could not do the same again in my life. I have never been happier and am working with an excellent and honest team at ZodiacLiveTarot!

When a change is in the air your mind and attitude is on the move. Sometimes this can come out as quarrelsome, stubborn and aggressive behavior if you or others have not sorted out the different thoughts your mind is rambling with. When we are developing our own intellect and insight further, a new direction is emerging. This could also upset others who have come to like or depend on the old you. Do not let anyone tell you your ideas are full of hot air or sway you from discovering further where your ideas may take you. These new drives need to be nurtured and encouraged by you to realize their full potential.

Maybe you feel too tired, ill-equipped or even possibly not trusting this new stirring within to start a new direction in love or business. Maybe you feel you are not exciting enough or doing new things to attract others to you or afraid of this new tech, entrepreneurial world because you have always done things differently in the past.  Regardless of the reasons we can stay rooted in negativity directed at ourselves we can and must change the conversation in our minds to ability, strength and self-confidence. And when we do magic happens because God’s message of hope and opportunity in our ability gives us the chance to re-start our life more aligned with who we are. You may have paid a big price to learn what you have learned – do not stop now! The gifts you earned are right before you. Kick your self-confidence into gear and go get them!

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