Moving On

June 26, 2018

It can be a real struggle to adjust to the end of a relationship. We can become very dependent on the person we are with, and life without a partner can seem very different and even scary. When a relationship fail, it can bring on intense heartache and stress, but in order to move on, it’s important to consider all the reasons it didn’t work out, because constant thinking about all the good times you had with your partner may cause you to forget the real reasons why the relationship ended at the first place. We become unable to move on if we keep idealising the good parts of the relationship, convincing ourselves that all the issues weren’t there after all, and trying to find ways to change what’s in the past.

Moving on means turning the focus from the past to the future. When you want to leave the past behind, it’s important to gain control over your emotional response, rather than over the situation. Never look back at the time you spent in a relationship that ended, as wasted time. You need to keep in mind that even bad experiences are important to teach you what your true values are. Finding a purpose in your experience is the best way to embrace a new chapter in your life. When we feel hurt because of a break up, sometimes we tend to close down emotionally, focus only on the heartache that it caused, and even promise to never get in another relationship again. In some cases, we just rush into a new relationship straight away.

It’s vital to understand that allowing yourself to feel and channel your emotions is a important step to your wellbeing. Try to take the time to learn from your past relationship, to understand your feelings and allow yourself some space. Remember that while being with others is important and can significantly help you to heal, you need time to yourself too. Give your full attention to really process your emotions and go after what makes you feel good. Make plans about what you want at this stage in your life, because getting through this peacefully requires you to understand the balance of positive and negative. Once you find inner peace, choose to only surround yourself with compassionate people who love you and who will help you feel good about yourself. Spending time with your friends and loved ones will help you cope with your pain.

Nurturing your spiritual side is also a powerful tool that will help you to let go of the negative emotions and will leave you feeling refreshed and prepared for the new things to come. Being positive can help you to focus and look forward to your future. Be grateful because this new phase in your life gives you the opportunity to do many things you want to do, but were unable to do it before. Focus on growing and developing yourself into a better, stronger, healthier, and wiser person. The Holy Spirit can remove all this emptiness and fill your heart with hope and new dreams. Ask for guidance from the Spiritual World and you will be blessed with hope and reassurance. You are a step closer toward the life and relationships you deserve, and you will soon be able to enjoy life again.

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