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Moving Forward In Faith

October 31, 2021

It can be hard to stay strong in our faith, but it is very important to take time everyday to thank God for our blessings. When you feel unhopeful, your heart starts growing cold, and you feel more distant from God. This is when you need to stop and turn that thinking around, because God gave you all the tools for you to accomplish anything that your heart desire. There is an unique energy inside you, that brings up all these feelings of empowerment and allows you to cultivate positivity and light. When you trust the Holy Spirit you are able to see things from a different point of view, and you attract good energies that will help you to take control of your life.

Remember that God gives a fresh start to those ready to quit. Learn to listen to your own desires, and to trust your own opinions. When you think that someone else need to show you the right path in life, you are not taking responsibility for our own actions: you are actually disempowering yourself. Being able to follow your instincts and make a better choice for your life is a beautiful way to live. When you live out of fear you are always trembling inside, and you are continuously in a state of misery and worry. Start looking at the things you do from a good perspective, and re-evaluate the things in the past that had an impact on how you see things in the present.

You need to trust yourself in order to be courageous. Once you learn to trust your own abilities, it will lead to self confidence. Have faith and ask for spiritual guidance. Trust that whatever happens in the future, you can find a way to deal with it. Surround yourself with positive people, because negative and discouraging comments can drain you emotionally. With faith, you can face your problems and realise the areas in your life that need healing. Faith helps us to deal and identify the source of our demons. Remember that you can build confidence in any aspect of your life when you have hope and faith.

Abandoning your faith means allowing distractions to get in the way of you accomplish your goals. When you lose faith, you fail to see the bright side in every situation. Work on trusting your intuition and remember that you are responsible for your own development and fortune. The process of accessing inner guidance begins when we trust in our intuitive knowledge. When you connect to your spiritual side, and you get in touch with your own inner sense of wisdom, you are able to clear our mind in order to receive advice and important insights. Only when your mind is calm, you can find the secret doorway to Spiritual Guidance.

If you feel that you can’t solve a problem alone, and you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts, you need to place your worries in God’s hands. Do a prayer and listen to the first impression or thoughts that come into your mind. Nurturing your spirituality can help you to feel confident and push past the negative to turn your situation around. Pay attention on where you are putting your focus on, to understand why you are getting negative results.

 The most beautiful thing about faith, it’s that it comes from a place of uncertainty, but allow you to take action anyway. Being a person of faith is a habit. When you learn to control your negative feelings and thoughts, you discover that we’re already much braver than you think you are. Your fears keep you from moving forward with what you want in your life. You can change your future when you allow yourself to figure out exactly what power your fear has over your mind and behaviour.

Feeling peaceful is wonderful, and it starts within yourself. You can’t change your circumstances if you are always complaining and attracting negativity to your life. Bring God with His peace and harmony into your life by having faith. Stop treating yourself as a failure and focus on your strengths. Being a person of faith is recognising that God is counting on you to use all your blessings and gifts.

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