November 24, 2019

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve overall quality of life. We all need self motivation to help us through most days. The way our mind speaks to us in all situations, from daily routines to difficult life events, is really important when it comes to stay motivated.

Self talk is the inner voice that can either encourage or demotivate us. Regular meditation is a wonderful tool to improve our self talk and speak directly to our subconscious mind. By listening to our inner dialog, and shifting it to become more in line with positive things, we can transform our lives. The first step to shift our mindset to a more positive one, is catch ourselves whenever we begin to self talk in a negative manner. Choose words that inspire you, motivate you, make you laugh, and boost your mood. Self motivation is all about figuring out what type of positive self talk will encourage and motivate yourself.

If you don’t feel motivated, start paying attention to your current experience, and observing your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental manner. Live fully in the present moment. When you live in the past or the future, you aren’t able to make things happen in the present. It’s important to look for the information you need to accurately assess yourself, and have the knowledge of who you truly are. Remember that only when you practice non-judgmental observation of your own mind, you are able to stop reacting in a negative manner and reduce feelings of inadequacy that keeps you in your comfort zone. When you become aware of what you’re thinking and saying to yourself, you can then rephrase your thoughts with phrases that empower you, and feeling empowered is the key to leave your comfort zone, which is the greatest barrier to achieving your real potential.

There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. In order to stay motivated, keep a written list of your daily tasks and cross them off each day that you finish: this will remind you that you are being productive. Remember that you can’t choose or control your circumstances, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances. Negative self talk can make a situation seem impossible to overcome, causing unnecessary stress, and making us feel miserable. We all need to keep in mind that nobody is perfect, and wisdom helps us avoid making the same mistakes, but comes from making a million of them. Overcome the mental blocks that are keeping you from your true self by simply giving yourself permission to be human, and allowing yourself to be imperfect. Sometimes, all you need is to divide your goal into different steps, and practice a visualisation technique to help you to be motivated: take one deep breath, and imagine yourself completing each step towards a goal, creating a feeling from inside that you have successfully completed it, and positively say it to yourself “I know I can do it” again and again… This makes your goal seems less overwhelming, and can give you that initial spark to get going. Also, make more regular encounters with positive and motivated people, and find activities that you like. Look for things that inspires you.

The right kind of self talk can lift your spirit. By going through the process of self knowledge, you’ll have the tools to be prepared to go through the process to improve other relationships, and other areas in your life. With a positive mindset, we are able to get in the habit of finding out what works to get over obstacles in our lives, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. Understanding what motivate us can have lasting positive effects, so every day, take some time to learn how to nurture motivating thoughts, neutralize negative ones, and focus on the present moment. Start your journey towards personal growth today, and remember that it’s never too late to become the person you are capable of being.

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