Meditate for Motivation

January 10, 2014

All the trees and tinsel are gone, the New Year’s resolutions may still be going strong or they may be forgotten – Where are you right now? We all need motivation to improve but not all of us want a gym instructor or diet club owner telling us what we are doing wrong – as most of us are doing a good enough job of criticising ourselves.

Meditation can help get back on track in any area of our life whilst keeping us calm and positive, it can be a key tool to help with our motivation. Meditation can help focus your mind and renew your motivation. When you meditate, you learn to let go of your negative thoughts and refresh your mind so that life feels new again. Meditation also teaches you discipline and gives you energy, giving you the motivation to do what you need to.

If your lack of motivation comes from depression, cynicism, or from disenchantment, meditation is a great way to change your thought patterns, often, our feelings from the repetition of thoughts, words, and deeds. This means what chances do new thought and feelings have of getting through from the unconscious to the conscious – there is no room.

When you meditate you stop your thought process, giving the conscious time out and allowing the unconscious an opportunity to formulate new thoughts and feelings. Another way meditation motivates us is through its ability to increase our happiness by fostering feelings of love and well-being. When these states are created in the mind, we feel better about ourselves, our lives, and others. Feeling good about life is what keeps us moving forward.

There are many guided meditations for motivation and any other subjects on YouTube but here is one you may want to try on your own. It starts your energy build up to do what you want to do whilst letting angels protect you

  • Find a place where you will not be disturbed and make yourself comfortable, settle and feel your feet on the floor. Imagine golden roots coming from your feet into the floor, then the ground and then to the centre of the earth.
  • Ask Archangel Uriel to join you and image him wrapping his wings around you, then surround yourself in his energising red ray, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • Now concentrate on your breathing, with each breath, you can take in the air your body needs, and become filled with energy. You can exhale any tension or fatigue you may be experiencing.
  • For the next few moments, focus on your breathing, and concentrate on breathing energy and positive feelings in, and breathing negative feelings out and away. Imagine your are inhaling a golden energy and exhale tiredness as a grey mist if that helps
  • Become more energized with each breath you take. Feel the energy flowing through you, feel wide awake and alert, full of get up and go, alive and energetic.
  • Squeeze your hands into fists, and clench your fists tightly. Feel the muscles in your hands and arms; now release the fists, allowing your hands to be loose and relaxed.
  • Allow your hands and arms to become warm and awake. Close your hands into fists…and now open them. Close and open your hands a few more times, waking up the muscles of your hands and arms.
  • Rub your hands together…feel the friction generated by your hands rubbing together…like electricity crackling…and increasing your energy. As you rub your hands together, it generates energy for your mind and body…leaving you feeling completely awake and alert.
  • Now repeat with your feet, clenching and moving them, feeling them fill up with energy. Allow the energy in your hands and feet spread across your whole body – moving whatever you like to energise it.
  • Now relax your arms at your sides and stand with your eyes closed for a moment. Note how you feel and imagine Uriel’s red light flowing into your hands and feet
  • Let your body float and be free to do whatever you want with this energy, move as you want – dance if you like until you can feel a positive energy flowing all around you and an urge to get up and go….
  • Now place your feet in the floor and let the energy of the earth flow in to you to keep you grounded, wrap the red light around you and thank Archangel Uriel for all the energy you have
  • You are ready to face another day with vigour and energy.

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