Meaning Of New Year

December 30, 2015

The marking of a New Year can bring about great changes in our life if we desire. I am not just speaking about the many typical body-changing themes we hear this time of year, but radically changing the way we approach life, our work, our families, our loves which all can be re-charged or changed by choosing to apply the you in all of life’s equations.

This is a marvelous time of year to take stock of our past, leave it behind so we can have a fresh start. This week I gave a Tarot card reading to one of ZodiacLiveTarotReadings clients, a lovely woman who I have read for many times before and her reading reminds me that all of us can apply what she learned through her general reading; opportunities for not only a fresh start but a fresh perspective in our outlook for the future.

She, like many of us, was trying to basis her future outlook on her previous experiences and when we dug dipper into the meaning of some of her cards, we realized her past fears and insecurities were driving her decisions to remain in her current situation, even though the cards and more importantly her heart and spirit were screaming for change.

It can be hard to separate what our true desires are from our anxieties. This is human but we are spiritual beings too and our heart needs to be feed as much as our fears. This was the message of her final outlook card in her reading, The Fool.

The Fool, like Aries who starts the zodiac, is a fun loving adventuring seeking fellow who begins the Major Arcana cards and the journey of the Tarot. It is the voyage of life and all of us must make it!

Having The Fool in a Tarot reading is a sure sign you are ready to start a new journey! The Fools joyful spirit reminds you – you have this spark within you as well – and I would bet you want to encounter this old friend again. You feel him tugging at you as to say “Come out and play”. And your playground is the world of creation, imagination and inspiration. And do not underestimate the importance of excitement, fun and an overall youthful disposition in selling an idea. There are many people who welcome and embrace a new concept because it starts with the output of this energy.

What is also so great about our guy The Fool is he applies a youthful approach to our overall life. This spring-in-our-step feeling has probably been missing for far too long for many of us and he is here to tell you it is time to start anew. He has a gift for you too! Remembering a different time in our life when we were younger and naïve – we ran towards life, not knowing any better. It was fun, exhilarating and scary in a good way because it was all new. This same energy is available to us again through an encounter with The Fool.

Traveling through the journey of the life is never easy because we encounter people and situations that help us develop our individual identity and thoughts – at times this can cause upset and conflict with others and ourselves – leaving us emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained, and unsure of our next moves.  We also may have played a role in delaying our next moves because we did not want to look at people and situations as they truly are for fear of hurting another or ourselves. You may even be feeling paralyzed from your indecision.

Even when we feel like we have nothing to contribute, too exhausted to try any longer – The beauty of The Fool kicks in for our benefit and the New Year is the perfect time to start your personal count down to the next phase of your life.

Our New Year’s mission should ensure you are not missing new opportunities that may be presenting themselves to you because you may feel too tired and overwhelmed to try something new – but you must! That is the point of The Fool. Getting out of our rut and applying our energy to new growth in our lives.

This cards purpose is to have you emerge as a more confident you and this happens because you start to believe in your own spirit, ideals and intelligence. It is through these types of encounters that make us stronger in our individual spirit and intellect. So remember who you are this New Year’s, what you have accomplished and where you can go! Wishes for a Happy New Year and New Starts!

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