Male Archetypes – the Gods

March 7, 2014

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All the characters in Greek mythology possess symbolic meaning, yet gods remain the initial and most significant. They are part of our psychology and the most powerful. There are 8 male archetypes and 7 female but personally I think in our symbolic world there are many many more

In astrology we are not purely Libras or Leos but a combination of ten signs due to the planet’s positions in the heavens when we were born. When we read the Tarot we can be Fools or Emperors in depending on the situation. It’s the same with archetypes. The more intensive life we lead the more archetypes we use, but there will always be one or two that dominate.

So among male types there are basically two groups. Gods-fathers and gods-sons. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades who rule different parts of the world reflect three main levels of us: the mind, the emotions and the sub conscious.

Modern culture is a patriarchal society thus ZEUS as a King is a major figure, the measure of our values and priorities. Today he plays an important role in men psyche. Zeus represents the kingdom of thought and common sense. He represents power and will which is considered important for a man and valued by women. To strive for power and leading positions is a desire which society encourages and celebrates if you achieve it. To become Zeus means to provide your life with a safe and approved existence. Usually this archetype used while performing administrative functions of all levels.

Unlike him, POSEIDON whose realm in mythology was a vast and deep ocean is not much liked today. This type is wild and uncontrolled as emotions take over common sense. Passions, desires, instincts which are usually suppressed are allow free rein often terrifying people around them. If you ignore a Poseidon archetype it can be disastrous and they will take revenge in “floods” (meltdowns) as Poseidon did in myths.

HADES is the type whose features are the closest to Tarot Hermit. He lives in his own world, with his own world view, with his own values preserving his inner silence. Untouched and uninfluenced he possesses a strange power over others and usually can gain respect if he learns to deal with his own psyche, dreams and philosophy.

Gods-sons in turn can also be divided in two groups. One is approved and accepted, another one is rejected thus has to strive more to become happy. The first two gods are Apollo and Hermes.

APOLLO, the glorious sun god who rides his golden chariot and leads the inspiring Muses grants men with genuine intelligence, confidence and lots of talents, making him a really lucky man. Apollo was Zeus’s favourite son thus men-Apollo’s usually achieve a lot under father/boss protection. HERMES, a second favourite son, the messenger between worlds and a guide on the roads, has a quick wit, sharp brains, the ability to learning and understand, perfect social skills, outstanding at business and a brilliant negotiator. The last century has been all about communication and technology so all Hermes archetypes have been in their element

But two other brothers are so different and were disapproved of by the Olympians. ARES was a bloody, aggressive hot-tempered war-god. He was laughed at and not welcomed by the gods though he was famous as Aphrodite’s sweetheart. The archetype of Ares is sensual, a fit usually athletic man, rather liable to mood swings and cannot control his impulses. He is not welcomed in groups where reason and a cool mind are required.

HEPHAESTUS was born from Hera and was the only Olympian who worked. Despite his jewellery and smith craft he was clumsy and gloomy. This archetype is hard-working and can become real master in his job but it should contain physical labour as he is not very sociable. His rich emotional world can be expressed through labour but there is a need to be creative too.

The last and most controversial archetype is DIONISYS. The god of vine, pleasure and arts he gives power which needs to be controlled. He manifests through alcohol and creating a piece of arts or any mystic religious practice. Ecstatic feelings and vices, incredible genius spirit or violent rage makes him either a hero, or a fool. You know someone who is a DIONISYS archetype as you can’t miss them and when you do you usually do not like them.

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