Making Space to Nurture Yourself

May 8, 2014

Self-nurture, self-care and self- love how often do we feel selfish practising them? So many cultures tell us we should give and give and be self sacrificing but if we give and give and never take time to nurture ourselves we run on empty. Running on empty leads to stress, fear, resentment and not being able to care for others the way we really want to.  Relaxation is not a treat, it is necessary for our physical and emotional health. And we must value our time and set limits on what we do for others, and then they will value your time and treat you with more respect. But we get so used to giving time after time we forget how to nurture ourselves. There are a few thing we have to do before we can start to nurture ourselves effectively.

A good starting point is to review your priorities, what is important to you and what do you want; think about your relationships, your emotional and physical health, work, fun and spirituality. What do you want to change in each area, what do you really want achieve? Where do you really want to spend most of your time? If you had a magic wand what would your life look like? Now you have a list of priorities and it’s time to look at time and where it goes in your life.

Get a piece of paper and make three categories across the top:

LIKE ………………..DISLIKE ……………..DON’T CARE

Think about your week and what you do and simply put it in a box dependent on how you feel about it

From there you can look at why you are doing things you dislike – can someone else do them, why are you doing them, can you minimize the amount of time you spend on them? As for those which you really don’t care about – ask yourself why again and try to get rid of these things or shorten the amount of time you spend doing things you hate or simply do not care about.

As you cut these things out you will have some free time – don’t give it away, this is now your time to nurture yourself, time for you. Spend a few days checking in with yourself and determining when you are full of energy , protect the energy by simply being and not doing. When you begin to feel energetic and creative, nurture that feeling! Use that energy on you doing what you want, how you want and when you want.

Turn off the phone, unplug the PC, tell people you are unavailable, only watch what you want on TV and turn it off at other points, be technology free! Let the housework, or whatever you can wait, ask for help and say no to others.

Now you have the time and space to nurture yourself tomorrow we look at some great ways to do it!

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