Making Amends

January 8, 2016

If you are someone who is contemplating reaching out to others to make amends then I give you a hearty bravo! Not an easy decision to reach, but you must be given kudos for the desire to do so. It is a big deal in our spiritual development when we reach a point in our journey of enlightenment to have these style thoughts to make amends.

When we are trying to make amends we are asking for forgiveness, considered one of the greatest spiritual gifts we can give ourselves and others. Understanding and then utilizing this component of making amends becomes a keystone in our overall spiritual development. Forgiveness and then the action of making amends is our love manifesting in one of its most powerful forms. Even if we do not love the ones we are trying to make amends with, the proactive actions of trying to make amends is the love emanating from
your spiritual core.

It takes a certain level of bravery in many cases of our asking to make amends. We may not know whether another will embrace or even be open to our desire to make amends but your desire to try is what makes it so important and why you need to acknowledge this point of accomplishment in your quest to live by love and not your own point of view.

When we reach out to start the process of making amends our sincerity needs to be at the forefront of our communication. If you feel expressing you are sorry needs to be included in your overall making amends plan, then it may be best to place this feeling in your initial outreach. You may not get another chance to have another conversation and you want to place all your intentions here so they have the message loud and clear.

The old adage “actions speak louder than words” can carry a lot of weight in deciding to accept your request. If there are things you need do to in a physical or material way as part of your amends then do so. You cannot be responsible for what others will do, only for your own thoughts and actions. By staying objective and unemotional in regards to your review of the situation will help you deliver the appropriate outreach.  If someone else needs time to digest your request, that is alright. What matters is you’re reaching out to make amends and acknowledging healing needs to take place within your relationship.

Your character is being tested when we first realize we need to make amends. And then when we need to take an action moving forward in doing something about it. This is big deal stuff for our level of integrity and the truth we are willing to look at objectively. If you believe in God, universal powers or karma, you are trying to bring balance back into your life and righting a possible wrong in your past.

Doing the right thing even when it makes us feel uncomfortable or scared is the ultimate in connecting your power with God’s. When we are asked to do things like making amends, we are making this connection stronger and right again. As enlightened individuals you learn you cannot turn away from the light once you have seen the light. It keeps you moving forward in the ways of love and why you understand a second chance can take place or a past hurt can be recognized, acknowledged and apologized for. It is all so liberating.

If we were to honestly reflect, everyone’s life has been touched with regret for bad decisions, hurtful words and unhanded actions, driven by a million reasons why. There is only one simple reason to why we need to make amends, if you feel it is the right thing to do because your heart and spirit are asking you to heal this aspect of your life. Imagine the spiritual and character integrity power you feel because you answered this calling.

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