Lunar Reading

August 24, 2016

Lunar Reading: Live in Harmony with Your Self

The Moon influence is hard to overestimate. It rules our inner world and is responsible for our mood, state of mind and emotions. The Moon’s domain is organic nature and water. Just think about sea tides during new and full moons. Humans consist of water, more than half of our bodies are subdued to the moon, and just as the sea waters rises and falls with the Moon phases, our emotions and drives are overwhelming or going away with the rhythms of waxing and waning moon.

From the ancient time through horoscopes and astrology we have the knowledge of lunar energies which can be used in our everyday life. Farmer’s jobs and gardening, health and beauty, business, love relations, pregnancy and many other spheres of human functions can be planned according to the moon cycles.

My experience with the Moon started long ago, at the age of 16, an extensive period of hard university studies and spiritual discoveries. New moon, eclipses, and phases were simply something astronomic, scientific and non-relevant to practical life until I came across the information of the lunar days. Those recommendations amazed me giving a clue to cope with the workload and stressful situations so numerous at that time. Now I may tell that it was an excellent exercise for intuition development. It made me more observant and sensitive towards myself and people around me. Starting from parents, relatives, parents’ friends, tutors and even people on the street, I explained lots of their behavior from the position of The Moon’s phase. Practicing its recommendations improved my inner discipline and critical thinking towards events happening, helped to receive many beneficial conclusions concerning the lunar rhythms, from the diary which I have been keeping for already fifteen years. I could also plan my everyday studying more effectively.

The Moon is extremely important and helpful in cultivating and nurturing our female nature so often forgotten or abused in modern mind-dominated and rational world. There are so many rituals done with the help of the Moon to enhance your charm and magnetism! But let’s concentrate on the lunar readings.

Lunar readings 

They are to inform about the energies of days and periods of the Moon, discover the hidden and unrealized influences the Moon has on us and highlight the best dates for various activities you worry about: love, business, travel, events. They are useful and practical in mundane life especially when you have options and choices to plan your own actions. If you need to know general atmosphere for longer intervals for your business or relations it is enough to track the four phases of the Moon: the new moon to begin things, growing moon to develop them towards culmination, full Moon to enjoy results and use your full potential, and last quarter with its stress upon revising, analyzing and storing information for the new cycle.

However sometimes we need to plan a week or a month, and perform plenty of tasks and projects, big and small. Then a more detailed reading is needed which involves information on each day’s energy. There are thirty lunar days each possessing its own specific spirit. Some are good for self-reflection, some are perfect for career and some are just ideal for building relationships. Astronomically speaking the lunar day is the period it takes for the Moon to rotate on its axis with respect to the Sun. This explains the difference with the solar 12 hours division we are used to. Each lunar day begins and ends at a different time. For using moon recommendations it is enough to know at least approximate hour of the beginning of the day. This information as well as the hour of the Moon entering the astrological sign can be found in tear-off calendar. A week outlook is the most appropriate for a 15 minutes call. The reading also provides you with the special symbols to reflect and meditate on to be engaged with the energy of the day. For example, the 16th lunar day’s symbol is dove or butterfly. They are powerful images of love, transformation, spirit, and rebirth. Meditation on these symbols can lead you to another level of self-development and motivate to start some yoga or long-planned self-growth exercise. At practical level it is an ideal day to set up a group activity at job or any active rest with your beloved or children.

There are also days when precaution is needed, the days when provocations, envy, irritation and melancholy are likely to reveal stronger than usually. Then, perhaps, it is reasonable to refrain from active deeds and stay busy with simple tasks, especially cleaning and ordering things.

Besides, there are additional aspects to be taken into consideration. The Moon passes through Zodiac staying for 2-3 days in each sign. Surely, the days when Moon is in bright Leo can add your more confidence and charm if you plan any social event. Meanwhile Moon in methodical Virgo will render you desire to do routine calculations or paper work.

Lunar reel.

It is a type of individual reading to define your personal lunar cycles. To put it simply, your individual day opens up additional techniques and tools to enhance your potential and perform more successfully general lunar recommendations. It is better to do it by mail not to waste phone call time for calculations. Besides, time is needed to formulate exact correspondences which will be relevant just for you. For this kind of reading the birth date is needed. The lunar day you were born on is your personal starting point. Lunar reel can provide you with your own keys to jump into the flow; understand and overcome hindering nuances of your life, break the “evil spells” and finally get rid of bad habits you always wanted to get rid off and never found time or efforts for.

What it gives

Of course the lunar days are not the magic wand to solve every single problem and cope with huge distresses however they do help to learn more about your own Self, your gut reactions, mood changes and, what is more important, to coordinate and regulate them according to your needs. Knowledge about lunar days makes us more active and courageous because instead of postponing things we catch the relevant day’s energy to perform tasks. It also makes us more patient towards negative inevitable phenomena as somebody’s aggression can be forgiven due to “bad” lunar energies of certain days. It saves our nerves and make us calmer as before submitting to provocative words or become offended by somebody’s actions we just let it go because perceive things from a lunar perspective. Knowing those days and planning according to them teach us to feel when to pause and when to move quickly. And, perhaps, the most important advantage of having a look at lunar reading is that being aware of the uniqueness of each day we learn to appreciate, value and live fully each minute of our lives being grateful for big and small wonders on our path.

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