Lunar Reading……A Bridge To Yourself

February 2, 2018

The Moon represents a hidden covered knowledge about a soul. This mysterious star, as the ancients call it, was a dwelling of the goddesses, magic and wonders. The Moon remains powerful yet underappreciated and unfairly ignored in our highly intelligent and professional world. Meanwhile her magnetic forces still rule nature, ocean flows, organic rhythms, and humans as our bodies consist mainly of water and liquids. Growth and decay, flood and emptiness, health issues, there is always a lunar influence if to look with focus. Lunar cycle is different from common solar one, and that’s why we there are usually difficult to calculate and remember the astronomic hours. Each one starts at different hour, has different symbols and recommendations. It is not necessary to study all of them to benefit from this knowledge because the main purpose of following them is change, transformation and development of the soul.

The lunar reading works the best if you have a particular question in mind, at least are sure about what exactly you would like to know: job or love, travel or family relations, co-workers or personal spiritual issues. The first feature of this kind of reading is practical and responsible: it doesn’t provide with ready insight into your future yet tells about the days or weeks energy flows which you can use to construct your perfect reality. Knowing the lunar cycles is like spiritual surfing through the waves: if you catch the right angle, if you bow in proper time, you are lucky and instead of being crushed, enjoy the drive. The second is to help you learn more about yourself, as the specific recommendations and detailed prescription of actions can cause various feelings and your reactions will tell you about your likes/dislikes and perhaps, hidden wishes. The third is connecting you to the symbols which might also have a personal meaning or association, as each lunar day has a symbol which is a key for understanding the nature of the whole day. Moreover, it is a wonderful practice to find own talisman, an animal or object which can become your inner guide.

If you feel any magnetic drive to the Moon, if its image always attracts you, that means you have already a good connection not only with the higher energy but also with the heart, soul and own body. Lunar days help to sense and learn the needs of your body, the initial and visible level of beauty. Looking after your skin, nails, face, and hair can turn into a pleasant powerful and really transformative ritual which will maintain your health which is harmony between body and spirit. Also, knowing the phases of the Moon can be helpful while planning a visit to doctor and date for surgery. Of course, the lunar days might help you learning your feminine nature more and research your partner in depth, watching him and his attitudes throughout the month. You will definitely notice how more romantic or passionate he is during the full moon, and more reserved in the introspective new moon days.

There are many levels you can practice lunar energy living in your everyday life. The first one is keeping in mind the phases of the new and full Moons which give you a general idea when to start things, develop them taking an active position and when to stop and revise analysing strengths and weakness. Another is to go deep into each day recommendations, creating kind of self-initiating programme for yourself, like a step-by-step guide to become better in whatever sphere you need and want to improve: beauty, health, job, relations, creativity, talent. What is the most important in lunar reading, is awareness of cyclic nature of time and our own functioning within it; accepting ups and downs, good and bad, dark and light. The diversity of the days’ symbols, the variety of energies available in each of the days, bring an understanding of limitations and humbleness together with the realization of your true strengths. The Moon makes us patient to own pitfalls, mistakes and failures at the same time giving hope and energy not to stop and go on trying. And what is more important for inspiration as the knowledge you are given a second chance?

Lunar reading is particular soothing for women as those who always try their best to be the best doing their best for all around them, and, failing, blame themselves, giving birth to guilt, overwhelmedness, and anger inside. It is because the solar rhythm we live in, imposes straight male line of behaviour which results in the spread and popularising of positivity, sociability, achievements, victories, and movement to the better, higher, and faster. It is against Nature which lives in cycles: is born, grows, sleeps, dies, and is reborn again. It is vital for humans to remember that staying alone in darkness helps to find answers, that true achievement can hide in failure, and that accepting negativity will sooner solve the conflict than a blind ignoring the problem with the bright and positive mind.

Try at times to switch off the phone, come up to the window and turn your look up to the sky. Find the Moon, let her wash your day troubles away, purify your thoughts from worries and concerns, and pour your soul and heart with ancient old wisdom of silence and peace. That would be the best and fast therapy you might have at the end of the hard day.


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