Low Self-Esteem

October 21, 2015

Low Self-Esteem! We all have all been there but what happens when it takes hold of our outlook, attitude and more importantly, our spirit for the long haul? It can cloud our judgement, our perception of reality and most importantly, the way we treat ourselves which in turn translates into the way we allow others to treat us.

When we are caught in the grips of low self-esteem it can seem very hard to recognize that the value and respect we place on our worth may be hitting the empty mark on our internal fuel gauge. It depletes our ability to make good decisions for ourselves and it can touch every aspect of our lives. Whether we are facing choices in love, family or work our ability to come to positive and constructive answers gets cloudy when we are not looking at ourselves like God does.

It may sound corny and possibly hard to allow God’s perfection for you to fill your spirit with the perfect you but a big part of our spiritual and emotional growth is based on how we treat ourselves. And it is a learning process and no matter how far we have moved forward, low self-esteem will try to keep up.

As a Tarot reader on Zodiac Live Tarot I help people confront this issue daily. People are usually placing someone else’s worth in love or work before theirs. The Tarot reveal this keen insight through a variety of cards to show the person being read that their worth and respect needs to come first. I am not saying we do not need to factor in others in our decision making but when the decision is being forced to accommodate another my Tarot bells go off so to speak because I know someone is not respecting themselves enough to see the situation clearly.

Getting out of a low self-esteem funk is hard and it seems the longer we allow it to live in our heart the tougher it is to remove. It becomes part of our personality. It can seem so easy to look at our worth through the eyes of another or the value we place on the gold coin. It can seem like an internal spiritual battle taking place when we try to lift ourselves out of this place – but when we do and we see the light in us through God’s love again we are stronger and braver for the next bout.

I have learned the first trigger low self-esteem is taking a hold is when I feel depressed and unmotivated. Low self-esteem wants you to stop in your tracks, to doubt your abilities, to doubt your value to others – that is its juice! But God’s remedy for you is love of self – repeat it over and over until you know you are loved and valued, then go act on it!

The idea of God’s infinite love for us, in all our flaws, is not only comforting, but powerful as well!
When we are at our lowest and most vulnerable is exactly when we need to be reaching for God’s love for answers. It is only through respect and value we place on ourselves that we can move forward with clear thinking. We are divine and need to treat ourselves as such – and it starts with our thoughts.

Often times when people I read for are trying to understand the correlation between our feelings of self-worth and low self-esteem, I use the example of what advice would you give me: If I were in an unloving relationship or loving someone who is still in another relationship or being made to feel guilty about having to move on from people and situations that make our life difficult through their undervaluing of us? They always answer the same: To place my self-worth before others who do not hold us in the highest regards by their actions.

This can be hard to see for anybody going through this right now but I am here to tell you – believe in you! Low self-esteem is our fears and insecurities manifesting in our thoughts and actions towards self. No action is low self-esteems best friend, the longer you do nothing to respect and treat yourself differently – why should others. And if you do not have anyone to use for my giving advice to me example, use God as your example and turn to God for the advice in how to be the best for you – because you deserve it!

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