Losing Confidence

May 2, 2016

During a recent Tarot card email reading I was conducting for a ZodiacLiveTarot client I noticed the cards were giving a clear message
regarding the dilemmas our client was facing along with a feeling of being frozen in place with indecision.
This lack of feeling in control and unable to plan next steps stems from the very human nature aliment of feeling like we have lost our confidence.

When we have this feeling of no confidence, fear, anxieties and insecurities seize this opportunity to sneak-in and fill our head and heart with their emotional positions and reactions, undermining our confidence even further. How do we get back to a position of power over these style self-destructive thoughts and replace them with words of encouragement and confidence?

Traveling through the journey of the life is never easy because we encounter people and situations that help us develop our individual identity and thoughts – at times this can cause upset and conflict with others and ourselves – leaving us emotionally, mentally and spiritually drained, and unsure of our next moves.

We learn in the lessons of the Tarot, so many of our testing encounters are designed this way to help us grow through understanding and believing in our internal spiritual compass and power. The irony of it all is while you feel you are losing your confidence these tests actually build up our confidence.

This happens because you start to believe in your own spirit, ideals and intelligence. Knowing what we do not want out of life is equally important as knowing what we want. It is harder though to learn the dislikes because it requires us to have the experience to know.

Many times when we experience a loss of confidence it is often because we are feeling worn down and having a lack of confidence as well as energy. And thus the on-going cycle of trying to find the wherewithal to change our thinking but we are too tired to try. This is the wonderful meaning of these types of tests – we only feel this way because we have ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk’ – which admittedly can be draining but if you catch your breath and see the ability you hold within because of these experiences you will reconnect with the power you own.

Take more than several moments to review your life five years ago, three years ago and where you are presently. While you may have been tested I bet you are now a changed individual. And if you took the tests sent your way the best you could do – then you must admit to yourself – you are a more valued and respected and yes more confident person then you were those times ago.

So many of us are just eyeing the next prize and forgetting to look in the rear view for the good we have accomplished within. We also tend to look as our achievements as the great career or relationship, but that is not why we encounter people and situations that test our confidence it is to grow within our enlightenment and our relationship with God or Universe.

Take time to acknowledge this with a new attitude to pride and love of self. The road has been hard-hitting but you have risen to the occasion, looked it in the eye and not backed down – now let the universe heal and make your heart whole again because an exciting time is ready to arrive – as well as the return of confidence!

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