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Live Psychic Readings with Spirit guides

November 30, 2013

People often confuse spirit guides and angels, our guardian angels are sent to us from god to be with us from birth to death, it is very rare for them to have had a human existence. They will influence and protect us every day whether we are aware of it or not, angels have a very high vibration and are therefore easier for us to feel and be inspired by. But we don’t get direct messages from them nor can we obtain advice from angels, they give us direction and intuition through gut feelings, dreams and familiarity. They are however able to help us with live psychic readings there gentle energy will guide a reader towards  messages and symbols.

Spirit guides have had some time on earth; they are very aware of the trials and tribulations of day to day life and know about our struggles , which is why they help us produce such accurate live psychic readings.. We have different guides for different ages in our lives and for different projects, so at birth our guides will often be deceased relative who want to protect us. We have a master guide who will stay with us throughout our life and help find the right guides for us throughout our lives. In my case, as a hot headed young woman who wanted to save the world my spirit guide was an Irish Nun, to help calm my temper and develop my patience, now many years later I have two guides, a Tibetan teacher to help my studies and a Native American to develop my spirituality. My father also acts as a spirit guide on some occasions, bringing a peaceful familiarity to my work, this combination helps me to give  live psychic readings. At any time you can have as many spirit guides as you need to develop and advise you, spirit guides come in all shapes and sizes and can also be animals and past life connections.

Unlike angels we need to contact our spirit guides to get their help and the more open we are to them the greater the help they can bring us. Our guides can see our lives from angles we could never hope to view. They are best placed to help us as they know us completely and can see future events. They can speak to us from a human view point and can be heard loud and clear if the message we need is important. We can ask guides questions directly and wait for the answer, but they may not come back to us the way we contacted them, so if you meditated to contact your guide the answer may come as a vision, a metaphor or a voice in your ear. They are also here to develop us on all levels so sometimes the answer will be unclear, as we have to learn some lessons to enhance our lives and we do not have to take their advice, as guides encourage us to practice free will. Learning to translate the responses is a vital part of our mediums work when giving  live psychic readings,

How to contact your guides

There is some preparation before you start to contact your guides and some questions you may need to ask yourself, like do I want to take advice from others? Or am I right now ok to follow what I feel is correct? If you don’t need their help right now (and that is ok too) then you should not try to contact them. Its never a good idea to make your first contact while trying to give someone else  live psychic readings !

You need to give yourself ‘me’ time every day, some time where you can relax and over time learn to meditate or quieten your mind. Once you have learnt this you are ready to start by adding to your meditations, this one is a simple starting meditation.

* As you relax with your feet firmly on the floor, imagine your guide sending you a white light that comes into your body through your crown chakra and works its way throughout your body coming out from your feet into the earth. Let all stress tension and negativity flow out through your feet following the light in to the earth.

* Ask Archangel Michael to join you and imagine a cloak of royal blue being wrapped around your shoulders that will protect you and then imagine a circle of golden light placed around you. While you are in this circle you will be protected and you may wish to add protective affirmations to your circle.

* Now call on your guides to come from the light and draw closer to you, be aware of feelings of heat or light you pick up as they visit you, ask for the healing guidance and advice you want and then relax again.

* Allow anything at all to come to mind and be aware of any pictures, words, feelings even smells you perceive. Once the feeling fade or the messages stop, thank you guides and Archangel Michael for their time with you and allow yourself to become conscious of the ground beneath your feet. Note down anything that came through to you, no matter how odd it may feel.

* If you are not sure of the use of symbolism a dream dictionary is a good place to start

I know this may be frustrating to start with but with practice you will begin to understand what the messages mean.

You can also write to your guides to ask for help, simply find a note book and pen, a private space and write down your question with your dominate hand and allow the answer to be written by your other hand. Don’t dismiss any thoughts or scribbles; they will be your answer.

Finally when you start to contact your guides and messages are clearer, become aware of your dreams, signs like songs, repeated numbers, phone calls and gut feelings like the need to contact someone, go somewhere or unexplained feeling of happiness or sadness. They are all answers in some way. Once you have this under your belt you can start your live psychic readings for someone else.

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