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Live Psychic Readings at Christmas

December 14, 2013

So many are experiencing loss at this time of year, emotions are high and can come to us when we least expect it. The song on the radio, the empty space at the dining table and the grief comes flooding back to us. Well meaning people tell us be thankful for what you have’ or ‘they’d want you happy at Christmas’ but it does not stop our emotions or make us feel better. There are a few things you can do to make it easier.

  • Take a flask of soup and some sandwiches and GO WALKING ON CHRISTMAS DAY.
  • ACCEPT ANY OFFERS OF HELP and don’t feel like a failure for doing so.
  • For the first Christmas, don’t try to recreate the old rituals. DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. If possible, get away somewhere and begin to create some new special memories. Even if it’s a disaster, it will be a different sort of disaster!
  • Place a wreath on the grave and dedicate a Christmas decoration at home to them
  • Don’t be afraid to talk with loved ones about them, just don’t let it get too painful for you
  • Don’t be pressured to do anything you don’t want to – no matter how well meaning

Right now we are missing those who have passed over the most, but we fear having live psychic readings at this time in case we get upset. But it’s at this time of year that our departed family and friends grow close to us, ready and willing to communicate in live psychic readings. Spirits will draw close and you are right you can feel them nearby at Christmas, spirit guides help both sides of the psychic plain to comfort each other and angels remain on hand to help us with grief especially Archangel Azreal. Our loved ones are never truly gone; they are a part of us and if at any time you want to create a rainbow bridge to feel their love once again, call upon Archangel Azrael and his league of angels to help raise your vibrations so that you can connect with them on the other side.

Live psychic readings often bring comfort at Christmas as we find out that our loved ones are ok and will be with us over the festive period, they remind us of the love and friendship we had and bring us peace. Live psychic readings with mediums, tarot card readers and angel readers can connect you with loved ones – just ask when you ring for live psychic readings. As well as live psychic readings often counselling can help at this time of year, someone impartial who you can just help you go through the grief.

No matter who you have lost this time of year is about looking after yourself, doing what you want, being with who you want to be and knowing Christmas is only two days in the year

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