Archangel Zerachiel

Little Known Angels

June 19, 2014

We all know about the famous archangels Gabriel and Michael but did you know there are thousands of others? Often little known but very important angels who are really open to us asking directly for their help.

Here is an a-z of some little known but really helpful angels –

Achaiah – The angel of patience and owner of the secrets of nature. – use this powerful angel to cut down on the rush and stresses caused by the speed of your life.

Afriel – The protector of youth. – use this angel to feel young again or to help you deal with issues with children and young people in your life.

Barkiel – Has a relationship with the Earth and weather especially around the generation of Lightening – call on this angel if you need to take a risk or need things to become more powerful.

Cathetel – The angel of agricultural especially plant life. This is the angel to call on for making your garden grow or restoring the natural order of things to your life.

Colopatiron – Helps us to remove restrictions to gain independence and freedom, he also can help us with physical locks and keys. – If you need emotional, creative or spiritual freedom this angel can help.

Dina – The angel of languages – a great angel to use to help with communications.

Ezgadi – the angel at the end of the journey – a great angel to safely see you to the end of your trip.

Flaef – an angel who rules human sexuality. – If sexuality confuses you this angel can help you find the answers

Gaviel – One of the angels of Summer. – ask him to protect your summer’s day out from bad weather.

Harahel – Angel  who watches over schools, libraries and universities – a great angel to help with all learning

Itkal – an angel who encourages cooperation and affection. – ask him to help with all meetings and plans that need cooperation or to bring back the affection to a relationship

Laila – Angel of Conception. – ask for her help to conceive your child

Memuneh – An angel who sends us our dreams. – Ask for his help to explain dreams – are they messages or are they parts of your mind communicating with you.

Narsinah – Angel of Heroism. – If you have to be a hero or you need one this is the angel who can help you.

Opiel – An angel who helps you to get the love you need from someone else – she cannot make people fall in love with you but can help you remove the blocks if someone is struggling to give you their love.

Poteh) – Angel of Forgetting. – When you need to heal and let go of painful memories ask this powerful angel to help you.

Rahab – Angel of the Sea. – ask for a calm journey across the sea or help in a storm

Samandiriel – This angel helps with our imagination – use to help remove writers block or to help you visualize the future.

Tabris – the angel of free will – a strong angel to help with situations where your free will is being restricted.

Varcan – An angel who protects the sun – great for asking for sunshine or to restore warmth to your life.

Zi’iel – Angel of Commotion. – Good to use to calm a commotion or to cause one!

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