Libra And It’s Rising.

October 4, 2017

Libra marks the seventh threshold of the zodiac circle being an embodiment of the heaven equilibrium. Those who were born at the moment of its rising are granted with the incredible combination of personality gifts. Perhaps, Libra is one of the most beneficial signs to be the ascendant as a mask we demonstrate to the people around us. As an opposite of an extremely individualistic Aries, Libra is a synonym of cooperation, partnership and concord. An innate feeling of tact, Libra allows an intuitive feeling of the company and moods of others, which is an irreplaceable feature to form friendly and partnership bonds. Libras cannot be alone, and willingfully demonstrate a sincere interest in people. It is impossible for them to solve a conflict with hostility and offenses. The very word conflict sounds like a natural calamity for them, and they would do anything to prevent or at least compromise, often, at their own costs. Peace is the priority.

Libra energy is rooted in the Tarot Arcana which appeared to be quite ambitious and sociable from all Tarot “secrets”, being exposed in lawyers’ offices and courts. A famous blinded female goddess with a sword and scales is the image we all are quite used to; meanwhile it possesses such a vast pool of meanings: harmony, justice, karma, the law of retribution and truth. Projected to the ascendant aspect of self-representation in society and interaction within your environment, Libra as Justice, or Harmony inspires to widen your self-perception and calls to think about something more than a pleasant conversation. If there is a call inside for justice or initiating something socially significant and influential, this ascendant gives a perfect courage and energy for changes. Usually speaking about Libras we forget about that second attribute of Libra, which is the sword. Not only scales you have but a powerful weapon to defend, protect and … fight. Suddenly gentle and agreeable, the rising Libras may turn to stern and steadfast warriors. The Libra’s aspect of truth links this sign to the ancient goddess Maat, a founder and maintainer of social order, laws, and cause-consequences rational regularity. This strong aspect may be triggered spontaneously, and reveal many troths others would prefer to hide.

If to return to the practical and mundane dimension, it is impossible to forget about the traditional a traditional patroness Libras have, a feminine and beautiful Venus. Her soft and sparkling influence gives the ascendental Libras an exceptional drive for aesthetics and a distinctive ability to value and recognize beauty, proportions and lines. A taste for style and design is their strength, and they will realize their full potential in the relevant jobs related to beauty, fashion, glamour, or luxury real estate business, jewellery or any other fine arts environment. Venus motivates to attend, or even organize the smooth-running and richly decorated party. Balls and receptions are much preferable than simple and boring “cups of tea” or “a glass of bear” in the pub. Libra endows with what in classic literature was called “a fine gentleman” or “true lady”, a charm to attract and desire. Ascendental Libras are far from being conservative or dull, but their pleasant nature, openness and charisma make you feel in fine society. They are real charmers, and even though at times their charm might not be that deep or meaningful by itself, the feeling of freshness, attachment and attraction is the usual mood left in those around them. Love can be quite wounding and dangerous if to perceive it seriously; love for rising Libras is a reasonable deal or beneficial partnership, concealed, however, under the outside polite and even inspirational union. The celebrity life is quite a prominent example of Libra free and allured spirit.

Of course, as everything in astrology, rising Libra has its own shadow side. A strong strive for peace, balance and harmony may turn a person into a shy and avoidant sociopath, who would be afraid of expressing himself, or, what is worst, would change his mind every second, causing scorn and neglect from the others’ side. Also, one of the best curses of Libra is their inner doubts in Hamlet’s style “to be or not to be”. It doesn’t matter so much within a company of friends, but in a job interview or stuck with a tough workload with your team a constant rumination may appear fatal. Taking decisions might depend on other strong planetary positions in the astrological chart, and it is important to learn to overcome the attacks of low self-esteem and hypochondria, and cultivate confidence and determination.

Another issue to attend is desire for easy and effortless life. Being spoiled by almost automatic social acceptation and helpfulness, having most likely received and achieved many goals with the help of others, rising Libras are reluctant to contribute and devote time to self-growth and improvement the skills and talents. But those who are able, may become indeed, not only successful but a celebrity, even though the circle they live is a small family and cozy working office.


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