Letting Go

August 26, 2015

To find happiness in life, we need to be able to change, adapt to change, and make decisions that will lead to important changes. Letting go of an unfulfilling relationship is part of a process that is painful in the beginning, but most likely, the best way to change your life for the better. Changes and endings make sadness part of the process of letting go. It’s normal to feel sad. If you decide to leave the past behind, allow yourself to grief, and don’t block your feelings. Remember that these feelings are part of your path to recovery, and always keep in mind that you are the only person that holds the power when it comes to turning your life around.

Letting go is the best thing we can do when we realise that what made us happy yesterday, is not fulfilling for us anymore. With determination and the right mindset, we can overcome our fears and leave the past behind. It’s necessary to take control of where your life is going, in order to be in the right track. Sometimes is easier to pretend that nothing is wrong to avoid the pain of ending a chapter in your life. You need to ask yourself what is really important to you in the long term in order to take action. Finding the right path starts with our attitudes about ourselves and our life. I’ve learned that when it comes to release attachments in life, being self-aware is the only way we can really change our mindset in order to start a new chapter. Changing our thinking changes our behaviour. The wonderful thing about our mind is that it’s a part of us that can be controlled. We have the power to overcome our fears and stop negative thoughts; we also have the power to choose what we want to surround ourselves with, and let go of what is not contributing to our happiness.

Feeling like you have no control over yourself or your life can lead you to be stagnated in life. It’s difficult to see things in a positive light when life is heavy for us. That’s why it’s really important to keep a sense of perspective to focus on what the future may bring, because there is a point at which we must let go of the past, or it will define our future. Prioritise your inner peace, and open yourself to new experiences, so you will be able to let go of what is holding you back, and welcome new things. In order to follow new horizons, we must act with fearlessness. It’s impossible to follow the right path in life when we allow our fears to make decisions for us. Trust your intuition, and be guided by your beliefs. Only when you know where you want to go, you can find the motivation to continue to work on yourself, while maintaining a positive view of your life.

Do not venerate the past, and focus on loving yourself. Self acceptance can help you feel confident about yourself, your life, and the changes you want to make. Keeping a grateful heart despite of the circumstances, and being open to forgive yourself and others is the key to maintain a health spiritual connection that can help you to go through the healing process.

By honouring yourself, you can illuminate where to begin changing your attitudes towards life in a more positive, empowered way.  Starting over is the best thing you can do when you really feel that you’re not having what you want or need. Be free of negativity, and let go of everything that is not adding to your life in a positive way. Changing your life on a meaningful level is a challenging journey, but is also very rewarding.

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