Letting Go When You Are Disappointed.

January 24, 2017

Disappointment is always hurtful. Coping with disappointment is necessary for success and personal happiness. When you are frustrated, it’s important that you experience your emotions. When dealing with anything difficult in life, it’s vital to acknowledge your emotional reaction even if it’s painful. If you are sure that your expectation is not unrealistic, and you are not being impatient, you need to avoid dwelling on blame. Just let yourself feel your emotions, and remember that your emotional reaction is an important tool when it comes to processing and coping with disappointment. Emotions offer insight into what is really important to you.

Take some time to heal. Take some time to reflect on what you can learn from the situation, and make the decision to look at life in a new way. Focus your thoughts on how can you still follow your dreams, and make yourself happy despite the disappointment you had. It’s essential to keep in mind that you can deal with disappointment and come out stronger on the other side. Your emotions may be negative at first, but they are temporary. A setback does not define you, and you are allowed to make mistakes in life. If possible, talk to a rational, calm, sympathetic friend or relative about your disappointment, try to have a chat with someone older who has had plenty of setbacks and can offer you encouragement.

You need to acknowledge that it is your job to do the things that will allow you to find balance and inner peace in life. When it comes to let go of what is not benefiting you in your life, you need to be willing to do so. Being willing to let go means that you must face your fears of change. Sometimes you can get so used to drama or negativity that you only listen to your ego, and you reject change. Your ego is that evil voice that puts you in a state of fear, worthlessness or even grandiosity. Keep in mind that nobody else can change your thoughts and your behaviour, but you. Only when you choose to prioritise yourself, to pay a little more attention to the positive aspects in your life, and focus on those things rather than focusing on your fears. You are able to let go of what is in the way of making your life better. Adopting a positive attitude is necessary in order to move on.

Remind yourself that better things await for you and never give up. Fear is what holds you back, and stop you from exploring new possibilities. Everyone encounters personal and professional setbacks from time to time. Start by thinking about what and who is important to you, also think about the person you want to be. Make a list of the things that you have to do in order to boost your self-esteem and satisfaction with life. Create healthy daily rituals, and make choices according to your values every day, so you will feel more in control and confident in your decisions.

You need to let go of something when you realise that what made you happy in the past is not making you happy anymore. If you adopt a positive mindset, you can overcome your insecurities and leave the past behind. Learn from your mistakes. Yes, you’ve had a disappointment, but although it’s no fun to learn your lesson the hard way, think of all the positive things this knowledge can do for you in the future.

Changing your thinking changes your behaviour. Thinking positively requires practice, but you are able to access the power in your soul to create a life free of negativity. When you put yourself in first place, you are able to feed your soul with positive energy and heal.

Letting go requires being able to change, adapt to change, and make decisions that will lead to changes in your life. Feeling like you have no control over your life can lead you to be stagnated. Concentrate on what the future may bring, because there is a point in your journey where you must let go of the past, to allow something better to come along.

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