Leading By Example

August 20, 2017

I believe that the best way to inspire people is by doing your best to be a source of inspiration to them. We are all able to inspire others to push through a rough period, or even to work harder if we lead them by example. If you want to be inspirational, you need to be authentic. People will not be impressed with you if you are trying to be someone you are not. You need to have your own concept in life which you believe in living it. Start by being real, and show what really matters to you, establish your priorities and values in life. Be enthusiastic and throw yourself into what you do. Every day, try to be the person you value yourself to be: the best version of you, on your terms.

Be grateful. When we start to value our existence, and make a decision to count our own blessings, instead of someone else’s blessings, we stop turning to things outside of ourselves to find meaning and wholeness. Counting your successes is the best way to change your mindset, and to be open to positive changes. Negative minds are always  obsessed with the things they don’t have, instead of being thankful for what they do have in their lives. An ungrateful person is always comparing himself/herself to other people all the time, wishing they were someone else.

Avoid playing the victim, accept your circumstances and choose to be positive. Some of us fail to make an effort to recognise all the positive things in our lives. Our own negativity spread to others around us. Choose to see the greatness within yourself. The more we think positively, the more proactively we will act, and the more prepared we become to accept positive options in life. You can be an inspiration to others, no matter what you feel you have or have not achieved, because any activity that is done with all your heart will reach out to others. You have the ability to inspire even if you feel that you haven’t achieved your goal, or if you are not in a good place in life: how you deal with your own circumstances can impact other people’s lives. Start being a positive light, and let your inner self shine selflessly, and sooner or later, people will start admiring you for the person that you are.

Allow your imagination and creativity to flow. Try getting away from all the typical routines and focus on figuring out what you want to be and do in the world, in order to find the courage and commitment to pursue what is necessary to reconnect to your inner essence. Remember that honouring your true self is not about trying to hide your flaws, and pretending to be perfect. It’s good to remind the people in your life that you also have your own set of weaknesses. Your ability to overcome and deal with these weaknesses is what can make you connect with them in a deeper level.

Make positive goals, while you continue to seek purpose in your job, relationship, and other activities. We all need reasons to keep ourselves going. Make sure to let go of perfectionism. Being a perfectionist about yourself and about your life, will just leave you frustrated and demotivated. Perfectionists tend to be very critical of others, and this causes them not to accept in others what they can’t accept in themselves.The secret to better relationships in life is acceptance. When we learn to be kind to ourselves, and accept our flaws and imperfections, we’re much less likely to be judgmental of others.

Train yourself to shift your focus to the goodness in your life every time you are plagued by negative emotions. Working on a positive mindset can be a constant challenge in the beginning of your journey to a more positive life, but it can have an overwhelming impact on your wellbeing. Remember that a happy and inspiring life is only achieved when you see the value in where you are, while you’re there.

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