February 4, 2016

Our actions have consequences in the universe, and karma is the force that teaches us. It is a core concept in some Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. In order to understand the concept of Karma, we need to understand the law of moral causation, because it denotes the cycle of cause and effect: each action we take, will affect us at some time in the future. Karma is related not only with the relationship between actions and consequences, but also the moral reasons or intentions behind a person’s actions.

Karma is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings, and it is also related to reincarnation, in which a person is born again after death. The consequences of an action can be brought into a person’s future life, and the good or bad luck we have may be the result of actions performed in previous lives. I notice that sometimes karma is misused to denote luck, destiny or fate. Some people uses karma as a way to explain sudden hardships, but we need to understand that ultimately, we are responsible for our own happiness and misery. Whatever kind of karma we have, there is a possibility to plant good seeds and change the course of things, so it’s important to never blame your karma if you feel limited in any way, because karma can teach you a lesson, but you still are responsible for your own fate.

Changing your karma begins with recognising negative thoughts, discarding them, and finding positive thoughts to replace them. It is about taking responsibility for not only your actions and words, but your thoughts as well. Karma is a really useful concept for self improvement, because when we acknowledge that nothing happens to a person that he does not (for some reason or other) deserve, we start planting good seeds now, instead of just waiting for our luck to change overnight. What we need to understand is that it is our own free-will to choose this action or another, but having made the choice, the result follows accordingly.

When we begin to value, and practice the laws of karma, we are able to enjoy a more peaceful and prosperous life, because even the outcome of the smallest of actions is never lost in the universe. When you do something good, it will result in positive karma, and the vice-versa. Karma has the power to return positive and negative actions and intentions, and that is why is so connected to our ability to grow.

It’s important to see karma from the perspective that is not a moral judgment, but simply an explanatory tool, specially if you are trying to judge others. Use the concept of karma in your life, and if you make a mistake, or if you make the wrong choice, start looking for an opportunity to learn from the experience. Difficult moments change us for the better when we tackle them with courage and determination. Review previous actions it in your head, and try to understand what went wrong, and you will begin to learn from your mistakes. It is an error to believe that everything is determined by karma, but it true that every action has a consequence. Karma is neither positive nor negative, you create good or bad karma according to your motives.

You are able to create a habit of positive karma for yourself. Start by helping others in little ways, like holding the door for someone behind you, or picking up something that fell on the floor for someone. A simple smile or a sincere compliment can change your environment, and make others feel good about themselves. You will notice that simply giving your time to truly listen to someone, or being kind and thoughtful will make you feel good too. These little actions are the things that makes you a good person, and it is also the best way to boost your karma to compensate negative past actions.

You are able to change the direction of your life and flip your karma if you remember that patience gives you the space to recognise the best approach forward. Start living in the moment in order to bring peace and balance to your life; it will help you change your perspective, and make good decisions that will lead to great outcomes. If you are full of negative thoughts and thinking about revenge against someone for example, just trust the universe that this person will meet their own karma through their continued negative actions, and release all the negativity. Doing this will help you to stay calm and peaceful as you get spiritually connected with the vibrations of the Universe and attract wonderful things for your life.

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