Judging Other’s

November 2, 2016

Do You Judge Others All The Time?

We are all diverse and we all have different lifestyles and reasons for making our own choices in life. Judgmental people tend to try to be in control all the time, but in order to live a happier life, is important to overcome judging others. We need to accept that it is okay when someone else thinks or acts differently from us. The moment I realised how much judging others caused a great deal of unhappiness within me, I decided to be more mindful about my behaviour. It is not always easy to cope with the fact that there are people who have different lifestyles, and reasons for making choices that we do not agree with, or we wouldn’t make in our own lives; but every person is different and has his or her own way of being.

Judging people is a habit and it is important to acknowledge when we are being judgmental. The only way to be able to explore judgmental thoughts is to be mindful of when we are engaging in them. We need to recognise our judgments rather than judging ourselves for having those negative thoughts. If we want to stop judging other people, we also have to learn to stop judging ourselves. Becoming aware of judgmental thoughts is the first step to open our minds and our hearts to change this negative behaviour. Be assured that we all have the ability to change and to stop placing so many judgments on others. If you start looking at a situation from another’s perspective, you already reduce your likelihood of judgment. What you need to know is that if you are prone to judging others, it is likely that you are also judging yourself very harshly too. Did you ever noticed that we tend to put other people down when we are insecure and or unhappy with who we are? When we are not happy with our own lives, we are quick to judge the lives of others.

Always remember that in life, we don’t know everything and it’s impossible to have the right answer to every question. If you find yourself being frustrated by someone else’s choices, remember that there’s a big difference between offering to help someone emotionally, and insisting on telling them what to do. Recognise when someone is capable of making their own choices and consider that everyone is unique and a product of different circumstances. Showing other people respect is a critical part of maintaining important personal relationships. When you are about to judge someone, try to adopt a thinking perspective that may consider the fact that we often judge others when we get stuck in the trap of thinking that our way is the only way. When our minds become closed, we are unable to see the bigger picture.

Try to be a good listener and build strong, healthy relationships. Keep in mind that our perspectives tend to be shaped by our personal histories, experiences, culture, and a host of other factors. When you get frustrated with someone, try to consider the other person’s point of view and empathise with it, before forming your opinion. Always do your best to put yourself on the other person’s shoes to avoid making negative judgmental assumptions about someone else.

Letting go of judgment requires practice but can be very rewarding. We feel great when we learn to recognise and express your own feelings without putting others down. Being less judgmental ultimately will make you happier, the world is a better place when we were all accepting and loving of one another.

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