Is your house haunted?

January 24, 2014

We often hear about famous haunted houses and the grey lady or headless horseman, they are mostly old houses or castles steeped in history. But ghosts haunt new houses, schools and hospitals in fact they can be found in the most unlikely places. The traditional view of ghosts is that they are the spirits of dead people that for some reason are “stuck” between this plane of existence and the next, often as a result of some tragedy or trauma. They often do not they are dead and hence ‘live’ alongside us. These ghosts exist in a kind of limbo state in which they haunt the scenes of their deaths or locations that were pleasant to them in life. Very often, these ghosts are able to interact with us. They are aware of the living and react to being seen on the occasions that they materialize.

There are also ghosts who appear to be a recording in the fabric of a building or site of an event, so the soldiers seen in the York cellar are thought to be a recording in the time caused by the shear energy of the event at the time. They appear exactly the same each time and often can only be seen on the anniversary of the event that is replayed – check out the ghostly noises on the anniversary of the invasion of Dieppe for a classic replay.

So how do you know if your house is haunted? Firstly you need to check out if noises, cold spots or scent are caused by a legitimate source, like heating, draughts, wiring, pipes etc., if not then you may have a ghost, you may be haunted!

Some key signs are –

Unexplained noises – footsteps; knocks, banging, rapping; scratching sounds, these can often be quite subtle if the energy of the ghost is minimal

Lights being turned on and off, rarely done with witnesses but often lights are turned on while you are out.

Disappearing item, thing those just are not there anymore, some turn up days later or in strange places or never come back at all. This is thought to be a way of attracting your attention or a mischievous ghost.

Animal reactions, if you dog or cat stares at nothing and them becomes alarmed or refuses to go in certain places in the room you may have a ghost

Lights, orbs or shadows are thought to be a ghost energy passing you or allowing you to glimpse them in the corner of your eye.

You may want to leave a tape recorder in your haunted room to see if you can pick up voices or movements when you are not there, carry out some historical research to see what happened in your house or what was there before it was built (there is a Tesco store that is haunted as it is built on an old grave yard).

If you are disturbed or scared of your ghost you need help, contact a paranormal investigator, a medium or a priest depending on what your personal beliefs are. Have them visit your house, and ask them if they notice anything unusual, then follow the advice you are given.

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