Intuition And Fear

May 7, 2019

When we are in a moment in life where a decision is needed, we are usually overwhelmed by our emotions and it is difficult to know if our fear is holding us back.

The fear that sometimes we experience in life can help us to take care of ourselves, and make us reflect before our actions. But sometimes it’s also scary and loud. When we face this situation we need to understand the difference between fear and intuition. Sometimes we found ourselves in a situation where we need to make a decision but resisted because we feel apprehensive … we worry about upsetting others, we dread other people opinions, feel anxious about the unknown, or the outcome of a situation.

It’s important to recognise that insecurity and anxiety is usually present before a change in life, when we are embarking on growth or change, it is not unusual for us to find a massive force holding us back. and the misery created by worry is the reason that sometimes a situation gets worse before it gets better. A change can bring lots of frustration especially when we do not know if the worry inside us is fear or intuition. Fear is guided by anxiety and it feels tight, constrictive and nauseating. It is a bad energy.

As for our intuition, it is a guidance of our soul and it gets our attention in a soft, gentle way. It is not loud and it usually whisper. It always guide us and is not overwhelming. Our intuition comes as a protection voice alerting us to be careful about a situation when it wants to warn us, it is not scary, and it makes us feel safe and peaceful in any circumstance. Our intuition guidance show us the best path and help us avoid danger, and trust our judgment.

The important thing to remember is that our inner voice is safe, and has a compassionate, affirming tone. If the feeling we have represents frustration and worry, it is a fear reflecting past emotional bruises, Fear is cruel, it is highly emotionally charged. Worry is the fear we grow inside us, and to be balanced in life we need to separate unhealthy fears from intuition.

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