Interpret The Tarot Cards

March 28, 2017

When we are serious about getting to know and understand the tarot cards, and opening ourselves to the messages that they bring us, we need to make a commitment to put in the time and effort to create a relationship with the cards, to feel their energy, and bond with them. Since I started meditating regularly, I found out that meditation offered me a way to go even deeper into the meaning and symbolism of each Tarot card, because it connects me to my subconscious mind and my intuition. Only when you quiet your mind and stop focusing on your thoughts, you are able to open up the pathway to your subconscious mind and gain the knowledge and insight needed in order to interpret the cards. Usually, your intuition comes and goes, but it can also be called up if needed, it is vital for any tarot reader to access their intuition, and the more you practice quieting your mind, it can be instantly there. When the reader allow his/her intuition to guide the reading, there is a much deeper understanding of the meaning of the Tarot cards.

If you want to gain access to your intuition, take a deep breath and clear your mind so you can listen to the small, still voice inside you, that can tell you the truth about things. This wise inner voice inside is always communicating with you, but your busy mind can make it be hard for you to listen to it. Your intuitive intelligence is available to you only when you quiet the mental chatter. Before performing a tarot reading, I always go to a quiet place to take a few quiet moments to tune in with my subconscious mind and mentally prepare myself for the reading. In preparation for a reading, it is very important to take a few deep, slow breaths to relax your body, and focus your attention only on inhaling and exhaling. When thoughts come, you can picture them as clouds floating by in the sky in order to let them go. Only focus on your breath, and you will be able to still your mind and prepare your intuition to emerge during the reading. Sometimes I also use calming music or nature sounds to help me to access my intuition. It is important to understand that we need to create the intention to be non judgmental, to dismiss our Ego and listen to our intuition. We must be willing to ignore our rational process in order to be aligned with the revelations that the cards will bring.

I also think that it is important to choose a deck of tarot cards that you feel comfortable with. Use your intuition to choose your tarot deck too. The right one will speak to you in a way that you will find it natural to familiarise yourself with their imagery, and the messages in them. During the reading, before your thinking mind kicks in, start to train yourself to check in with your gut. Pay attention to your emotional reaction to each card, be aware of your emotions all the time. Notice if you suddenly feel uncomfortable or relaxed around a certain card or a certain question that the querent may ask you. I always instantly get a sense of trust or I feel that something is not right around situations during a reading. If you’re unsure about your gut reaction, try consulting a few more cards, that can offer you reassurance. Never ignore those “Ah-ha!” moments during your reading. Sometimes, we tend to go on to the next card, and we may lose some important insights. If you notice a particular aspect of the illustration in the card, follow that impression. I find hidden meanings looking at the cards all the time. Details inside the illustrations are great guides once you learn to trust them.

Never do a reading if you are tired or overwhelmed with negative emotions. It is not possible to access your intuition if you are stressed-out, so just take a break and be in contact with nature in order to renew your energy if you feel this way. Create a positive circle of people in your life and avoid toxic people if you can. Always ask for Spiritual Guidance before a reading. Your Spiritual Guides will communicate with you giving you insights, sensations or impressions about things. You will know when the message you receive is about going forward or to proceed with caution.

Your intuition will get stronger the more you use it. The best way to know if your intuition is accurate is to test it out, then observe the outcome of things. As I’ve learned to trust my intuition in my own life, I became more confident and less fearful. Always remember that “ If prayer is you talking to God, intuition is God talking to you.”

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