August 31, 2016

For myself as a Tarot Reader, integrity needs to be at the forefront of any reading. Allowing the cards to speak to their context and history is all I need to focus on when delivering a message to someone I am reading for. Integrity also requires me to convey a cards meaning that could be difficult or eye-opening. I feel having integrity at my core allows me to dig deep into a cards lesson because my intention is only for good.

Integrity is a powerful tool for anyone. And at times it can seem like a difficult burden to carry. I often felt it could be easier to ‘not do the right thing’ but would it really be easier in the end for people who want integrity at their core? I know it is not. The internal nagging of having ventured down the   convenient but wrong path will never let up for those who carry integrity at their heart.

People who strive to lend a voice for the injustices to others and our earth are true warriors for integrity. How much easier it would be to stay silent when we see a wrong? And in some cases the troopers of integrity may have to deal with life threatening situations but yet they carry on. Talk about courage!

But integrity is the spark that ignites courage and the value and respect we hold for ourselves. It motivates us to treat ourselves and others correctly. It is always easy to place a reason or its some else problem when we need to face using integrity, but those who have integrity in their DNA cannot turn away and must place a voice or an action to turn a wrong into a right.

As the astrology sign of Taurus, integrity is a key encounter we must have. It is a character trait we learn we must apply in our lives. As a child I would defend, even physical fight, those who were bullying another. As I grew older and moved onto a career in New York City my integrity was tested in other ways. At times, I found myself standing alone, with only my integrity and the way I viewed myself in the eyes of universal love versus an onslaught of media determined to undermine my message.

Are there areas in your life that could use a dose of integrity? I know it is not easy but if you face a person or situation that needs to be called out in the proper manner and channels, I encourage you to do the right thing! No time for fear, insecure or anxiety. Call on the power of integrity to help, it will be delivered. And you will be forever transformed by the experience. Integrity does not always have to be big tests to overcome they could be the daily dealings in your life.

If you are staying in an abusive or stagnant relationship or work situation, where is the integrity for you? Are you hanging around people who take the easier path instead of the one with integrity? Who are gossips and idle trouble makers. These character encounters need to start with self. Be brave and find a new way. Often with these style meetings of integrity in our mist, it is fine to just walk away if you fear a confrontation. Integrity will help you find the strategic path to move forward.

Such are the tests of integrity. It wants to have you grow and become empowered in its definition and meaning in your life. And what is crazy cool about integrity it only gets stronger the more you apply it and it has a fantastic way of inspiring others to do the same.

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