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September 26, 2013

Bev tells us about a live psychic reading, a beautiful experience she would like to share.

Firstly I would like to thank Susan for allowing me to share her story .As Susan came through to my room I felt a great sense of sadness. She sat down, I started to talk with her, explain how I worked when completing a live psychic reading. We began to breathe deeply, lowering any stress and I gained the link between us.

Firstly Hilda her mother came to visit.  She went on to talk about Susan’s childhood and various likes she had. Hilda talked about her first school and how she would run down the road and run off, because she didn’t like the teacher in school. Then she discussed her first love and how upset she was when it finished. She also thanked Susan for caring for her during her illness with bowel cancer, how her legs had stopped working and how she bathed her.

Hilda then began to talk about the last few days of her life, the care and the love she felt. She mentioned Thursday at 2.53pm, the time of her passing; she loved the energy of the three family members gathered around her bed. She went on to say that she felt Susan’s hand on her for head, her sitting next to her on the left side of the bed, peacefully she drifted and then let go, this was now easy as the pain in her body began to subside.

Sitting with me Susan began to cry, which is natural.  It was a release for her. We then paused and in popped her Son Mike, oh my!!   The surprise on her face, it was overwhelming. Susan began to tell me He and Hilda died within six days apart.

Mike started to talk. He expressed that he was born with autism; he talked about their relationship together. The hobbies he had and the naughty little trick’s he would play on her. I could really feel a connection here, it was amazing energy. As the reading progressed he talked about leaving home at 16 and going to live in a complex with seven other apartments.  He had all he needed. Life was on the up. At 18 years of age he experienced love. At 23 he had a job, bit by bit his life began to develop.  He found he was good with computers and figures

Susan used to go every day at first after work and visit him, she was an accountant. She would call on the telephone and share many interests with him. She also had another son who she equally adored.

At 31 years of age Mike’s life came to an end, for me as a reader this experience was so moving.
Susan was stuck to her chair as Mike went on to say, Mum please do not stay in pain you were not to blame. I came outside to put my rubbish in the bin, opened the lid on the bin and as I lifted the trash, my heart began to pound.  There was numbness in my fingers and before I knew it I was gone, a short sharp instant pain. I fell into the dustbin. There was no one around me mum, then the neighbour brought his trash out and he found me.

An ambulance was called, as help was called, I was laid out.  My body still had a little energy in it.
Upon getting to hospital I was attended to, and just before you arrived, mum, I took my last breath, nothing could be done.

Mike then gave me an inner body experience, my hands and left side of my body dropped over. To my dismay I was showing his mum how he would have been had he continued to live. For him this was not what he wanted. His speech and everything had been taken. He gave his mum a beautiful message re his funeral, the thought that went into his goodbyes, the garden and all who had attended in his memory.

Finally Mike went on to say it is time to let go, learn to live once more. Comfort yourself in the knowing you did all you could for me mum. You and dad have grown apart, he needs you now. You’re in a cocoon get on with teaching your music mum. Lose weight mum you have put on three stones, I’m watching you, if this is it your life is over.

My body came back to normal as Mike drifted off; yes the live psychic reading took a little longer but my goodness the love, evidence and light was the most uplifting experience I could ever have imagined.

Two weeks past and I received the most beautiful cards with words of thanks about her live psychic reading from Susan. The closure process had begun. Thank You Mike.

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