Inner Strength

May 22, 2014

Inner strength can mean so many things but for me it means have the resources, abilities and energy to be able to deal with all the ups and downs life throws at you. You always have energy and joy in your life so no matter what you can cope with anything you have to.

Inner strength comes more naturally to some. if you have been encourage to stand up for your beliefs as a child and speak your mind it come much more naturally than if you have used to being ‘nice’ and just going with it all.

Inner strength is not either aggression or passivity; both actually get in the way of inner strength. When you become aggressive you are defending yourself and that aggression keeps people and the issue at arm’s length. It covers the fear or weakness you may have about the issue. Passivity allows you to either never deal with the problem (head in the sand!) or allows the problem to take over your life as you will not actively confront it.

To find your inner strength, you need to accept yourself warts and all, value your uniqueness and revel in your success no matter how small, be aware of your impact on others and keep a high self esteem. Trust your judgement, assert yourself and don’t deny there are problems, face them head on as soon as you can. Do not allow yourself to satisfy unimportant or unhealthy wants, develop your will power, do not give up your needs to satisfy others and so the things that challenge you.

Some easy ways to gain inner strength are to stop reading newspapers or watching TV for a few days and just be with yourself, stop criticizing others and look for the good in them, strengthen your physical body by exercise and good food and spend time outside.

Once you have done that it’s time to move on to the more challenging ways to gain inner strength especially when you need to use it! –

Remind yourself of times when you survived, beat the odds and even shocked yourself. See that strength and do not try to minimise it, you can and will be face any challenge head on. Use those memories and your belief in yourself to trust your judgement and be aware of your true spirit.

Get support, strong as you are you do not have to face challenges and issues alone. Find some trusted friends or access a counsellor for support and help.

Keep a feel good folder of the good things that have happened, the compliments and the funny things in life and when you feel ground down open the folder and breathe in the good times you have had. They will return to you honestly.

Take time to look after yourself, no matter what you need your inner strength for, you must recharge your batteries and feel good about yourself as this feeds your strength.  You can watch a film, eat a nice meal, exercise just make yourself feel good for sometime every day.

Spend time living in the now, no focus on the issues or the future, simply be right here right now. Let your mind and soul have a rest from the challenges and simply feel the floor beneath your feet or the chair under your lap. Practice mindfulness.

When all this has passed let the issue go, and simply use it as another prime example of your ability to cope and just how strong you are.

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