Inner Beauty

July 3, 2014

Let face it inner beauty is a great concept but the world judges us especially women on our external features, our weight, age, and even symmetry. Our value is judged by our external appearance and of course the media ensures we cannot live up to the airbrushed models and advertisers bombard us with products to make us younger, thinner and sexy using the same airbrushed models. No wonder we do not value our inner beauty or that of others, but we all know some people who are physically beautiful but there is something that takes that shone away from them or people who are not beautiful in society’s opinion but just glow with a beauty that cannot be defined.

I have tried to find out what are the attributes of possessing inner beauty and have come up with a few characteristics of someone with inner beauty –

The most obvious thing is they love, honour and respect themselves and there is nothing anyone can say that will take that away from them. They know what is right for them, with strong boundaries; they have no fear to say no. They respect their body, making sure they nourish it, do nothing to harm it and do not hide it way.

They have confidence in themselves and all of their abilities, they know what they can do and do not choose to play small to please others. They have no fear of change or challenge and you know they will come through whatever happens to them. But there is no arrogance or control from this confidence they simply know and believe in themselves.

They care about others and are really supportive of anyone who asks for it. They respect boundaries and intuitively know when someone needs their help. They are great listeners, can give comfort when it’s needed and are naturally emphatic.

They are generous offering out their time, energy and help, they want to bring peace to their lives, their family and friends and the whole world. They are usually involved in their community or volunteering to help those less fortunate than themselves. They bring love and compassion with them wherever they go; you just get a warm glow around them.

Laughter is also a gift I have found in people in inner beauty, they are funny and joyful and they share this with people around them. For some unknown reason they have a tinkling giggle that is just catching.

Curiosity killed the cat but actually adds to their inner beauty, they are always curious about people, places and life. They continue to learn throughout their lives and everything is a lesson for them to learn from. They take these lessons and apply them to their own lives knowing that they can always get a little bit better.

Finally they have integrity standing up or speaking out even when it isn’t the popular thing to do, but the right thing to do. They stand up for their values and beliefs, without attacking others but also secure in what they hold dear.

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