Inferiority Complex

August 27, 2017

When we feel lost and undervalued is necessary to focus our attention to the desires of our heart in order to find the right path in life. Each of us is born with a life purpose. Identifying, acknowledging and honouring this purpose is is essential to design the life we want to live. Anyone in the world, big or small, fat or thin, black or white, can feel somewhat inferior to someone else at times. Some of us have the habit to tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, but these comments are in no way based on facts.

Accepting your flaws is important when it comes to implement changes in your life, but you need to keep in mind that your mistakes do not define you. Embrace yourself as you are, accept your good and bad decisions, and remember that you’ve grown and changed from past experiences. Plan out the steps you will take to reach your goals in life, and keep in mind that fate is the life you lead if you never take control of your destiny.

If you feel undervalued, you should analise if:
. You are getting into relationships expecting the other person to fill a void in you;
. You are experiencing feelings of anxiety, reluctance to trust others, low self-worth, and fear of rejection;
. You are isolating yourself from others;
. You are developing compulsive behaviours like shopping, overeating, drinking, or collecting;
. You are trying to hide your true feelings;
. You are unable to accept compliments;

Reflect on your past. Inferiority complexes usually comes from something in your past. To help you move past it, you need to determine the root of your feelings. Ask yourself who you feel inferior to, and in order to feel better, question yourself why you feel this way. Think about your positive traits like: Your caring attitude, your family values, and aim to reach your full potential. Visualise all the steps you need to take, in order to be where you want to be. Let go of toxic comments, criticism, and take care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally. Release your fears and your self-limiting beliefs. When you believe in your full potential, you also make discoveries about yourself, and self knowledge is vital to self improvement and a more positive lifestyle.

Dedicate your time to something you love to do. The passion that you feel when you do something that motivates you, helps you to focus, to have faith, and to work harder in order to achieve your goals. Learn to value your own qualities, and train your mind to be optimistic. Expect good things to happen to you. Remember that you are able to feel good about yourself and achieve wonderful things, if you aim to be positive and avoid judging yourself all the time. Learn from your setbacks, but do not internalise the negative aspects of failure. Make a list of your desires, and your skills in order to remind yourself of your achievements.

In order to feel more adequate, we need to adopt a non-judgemental attitude. An inferiority complex are associated with low self-esteem and making unfavorable comparisons between ourselves and others. We cannot control someone else’s behaviour in order to feel a sense of worth. Our sense of worth is our own responsibility. Once we truly understand this, we can free ourselves from inferiority feelings. We are all able to consciously visualise positive things, and then physically create them. Our attitudes and the choices we make, build the life we will have tomorrow.

Keep in mind that when you decide to choose a more positive way of thinking, you stop being a victim of life: you understand that regardless of your personal / economic situation, or any other obstacle, you deserve the best. Do not settle for opinions that only make you feel miserable. Dare to dream, plan, and execute a better future for yourself.

Allow yourself to be guided by your desires, without being worried about failure or rejection. Everyone on earth is inferior to someone in some way, and since everyone has flaws, this is not a reason for a complex. The over-exaggeration of your flaw leads to negative self talk and self-consciousness, but by noticing and changing your negative self-talk, you can build your confidence and self-esteem.

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