Improving Self Awareness

April 5, 2014

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Our self awareness is key to our opinion of our self and how others perceive us, so here a few tips to become more aware of ourselves and use this to make our lives better.

1. Assess your self–talk. The first step in self awareness is to listen to your inner voice. What’s going on in your mind? Is it a series of negative thoughts that make you feel pretty bad? Or are you always looking on the bright side? Take some time every day to just sit in silence and listen to what you’re thinking. One way of getting your inner voice going is to stand in front of a mirror and hear what you’re saying to yourself about how you look. It might even help to write down your thoughts so you can get a better idea of how positive or negative they are.

2. Use your senses. Our senses give us with a huge insight into the world, ourselves, other people and situations. But these senses are often viewed through a filter of our own self talk, experiences or fears. A frown does not always mean someone’s angry, someone groaning doesn’t mean they are bored– but, when our mind is filtering information we can easily to start feeling hurt. Next time you feel like someone was judging you or has made you feel bad about yourself, take a step back and think why you felt like this. Ask yourself, could these actions have been interpreted differently?

3. Get your feeling’s out. This can be hard if you’re not the kind of person who likes to think too deeply about your feelings, but it is really worthwhile. Our feelings are spontaneous and emotional responses to the things we experience or we think we have experienced. Sometimes it can be hard to tune into feelings, but there are a couple of physical signs that you can look for which might help. Some examples include;

  • A warm feeling in your face might mean you’re embarrassed
  • Clenching your teeth might mean you’re angry

Look out for physical signs which might indicate how you’re feeling or what makes you uncomfortable. By taking a step back and checking out why you are feeling a certain way you will get a great insight into yourself.

4. Be in the moment. “Listen” to what your emotions and feelings might be telling you at any given moment. You can learn to use the information you “hear” from within to gain added insight and guidance in working through an issue or problem. Sit down and simply be right here right now, what  do you see, what do you hear and what are your genuine feelings right now about what you are sensing right now.

5.  When someone does something you do not like but you go along with, take some time to check out why afterwards. Why did you feel obliged to do it? Why this person or time did you comply? What did you really want to do? Did your self awareness let you know you were complying or did you only realise you did not want to do this after the event?

Once you really want to know yourself and have tried some of these exercises it is time to stand up for your true self and also to be gentle with yourself. If you know what filters you use when you look at the world and the people in it, it becomes easier to make a choice if you are going to use them or not. Self awareness widens your choices and options as you no longer HAVE to do anything you can pick an option.

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