How to Self Nurture

May 9, 2014

So if we have the time and the space to self nurture where do we start?  You need to be your own loving parent and your own best friend all rolled into one, try to ask what would your loving parent do for a you as a child or would I let this happen to my  best friend? Some easy and cheap ways to start are –

Create a scrapbook or a folder on your computer of things that stroke your self -esteem (I know it sounds big headed but it is not), compliments, awards and accomplishments or cards love notes. Anything at all that makes you feel warm inside can go in here. When you feel a drop in confidence have a look inside the folder, when you feel good have a look inside the folder. I t will always help you feel good.

Check out what makes you laugh and spend time either watching or doing that. Make laughter a part of your day every day. It changes hormones in our brain and starts endorphin’s to make us feel great. Oh yes it’s also catching so others will join in with you!

Get a hug and give them to others, a hug makes you feel wanted and loved, it brings us comfort and support and its free. Ask for them and you will be amazed how many people simply are too scared to give them spontaneously.

Get outside and spend time in the fresh air, did you know walking balances the left and right hand side of your brain, it helps you think clearly and solve problems too. It’s good for your health, fun and helps you to relax.

Find some affirmations that suit you and make you feel good and repeat them every day. If you say them out loud once a day or more your thinking about yourself will change and they will become your reality.

Let people know what you want and don’t want. Give them clear boundaries and stick to them. Tell people when they cross those boundaries, let them know how that makes you feel. Don’t let them treat you badly like you would not let others treat your child or best friend badly

Be healthy in a way that suits you, so if you cannot make the gym do some kind of exercise you like – walking, swimming etc. Listen to your body and give it what it needs – not always easy to start with but when you truly get in touch with it you will able to nurture it the way it needs. This is called intuitive eating.

Remember how important you are – to you. You deserve exactly what you would do for others, from a cup of tea to a massage to a holiday. You need to have loving and supportive relationship with yourself as much as everyone else. This is why you need to be your won best friend.

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