How I Became A Tarot Reader

April 7, 2016

When I experienced 9.11.2001 in New York City, I was grateful I had being diving into Tarot and its insight for almost two decades when this tragic event intimately touched my life and so many others. As a young business owner had I turned to Tarot for its guidance when I first started my business. I daily drew cards to help with strategic maneuvers but also to improve my understanding of others as well as myself. Not unlike the lesson of the Major Arcana Tarot card, The Tower, I soon learned its guidance could help me overcome even this but also make me aware, out of this rubble I could rebuild and set a brand new path to becoming a full time Tarot reader.

I first needed to realize how unhappy I had become in the business and career I had built up. I was on the Plaza of the World Trade Centre that morning because they were partners in an event I was hosting with the Offices of then Mayor Giuliani of New York City. I can still remember the fresh fall like air that morning, after experiencing a several week heat wave. And because of this cool air, all the new fashions were on display by all guys and gals busily rushing past. And busy it was. Astonishingly, over 50,000 people worked in the two towers, and you would have easily believed those numbers that morning.

A voice in my head literally rang out, ‘get the f’ out of here’ (I used to curse like a sailor so it is not surprising spirit used words that would exclaim my situation). Since this rarely happened, my only thought, it was my own anxiousness to get my crew to their next promotional location. I did not realize its significance to later on that day. I was so wrapped up in mybusiness mindset that while I was driving away, my first thought was could I still hold my event which was only a couple of blocks away from the World Trade Center. Of course, I could not! But you can see how disconnected I was from rational thought or spirit. Months later these two instances became my enlightenment focus.

So many of you are contemplating becoming involved in the healing arts as a profession; I encourage you to do so and like me ask – where have my proverbial towers come down to allow new growth; how am I holding back my own true destiny by clinging to an established path where the only way to get our attention is to have something drastic happen. I would bet many of you can relate.

People would have viewed my previous career as a real bounty and cool. I did to for a long time. But I knew, even years earlier, it was becoming boring and stagnant for my creativity. A ‘been there done that’ attitude started to creep into my thoughts. Instead of sparking the change, my thinking only helped keep me put into an unsatisfying continuous cycle.

Interestingly, the Tarot card I pulled the hours following 9.11 was the Eight of Pentacles. Even in my daze and still dust covered outfit, I knew instantly what it’s meaning of change and refresh to a new start meant. I will be forever thankful for the intuitive guided voice in my head and the Eight of Pentacles because I have never been happier. Where is your intuition guiding you? I have learned when we encounter situations that the Tarot card the Tower can bring, it is much easier to be part of the change than to resist it; because it will happen anyway because God and the universe are at work for your betterment. This can be scary at any point in life, but especially for those of us entering the second half of our lives. But let’s turn that thinking around to that of the Eight of Pentacles.

Pentacles represent work, business career, the entrepreneurial spirit manifests into a material reality. Eight is our ability to use of past
experiences as knowledge that we carry forth into our new journey. Not the heavy baggage stuff that weighted us down in reaching this cross roads, but the fire that got us first started on an idea is ignited again. It was just the message and renewal of spirit I needed – how about you?

My Best, Laura

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