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Hope And Perseverance

July 8, 2021

Life can throw us curves and often we have to deal with a series of difficulties or misfortunes that keep us from achieving our goals and finding happiness. You may be reading this article and feel that you are working hard, but your business is not making profit yet, or you may be discouraged by the obstacles on your educational journey, or maybe you simply feel unmotivated because your life is not yet where you want it to be. 

It’s important to focus and allow yourself to be positive even if you’re thinking about giving it all up, because you still haven’t reached your goal, after months or years of sweat. Strength, encouragement, and hope is the formula to success. Time will pass regardless of what you do today to follow your dreams, but the steps you do now to reach your goals, will keep paying off over and over in the future.

Being positive can make you realise all the progress you’ve made that you may be ignoring, because you’re focusing on the negative side of things. You will find motivation if you surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts, and by avoid comparing yourself to others, or comparing your achievements with other people’s achievements. As you walk the path toward your dreams, you may encounter people who question your abilities or try to discourage you. But, your faith can fill your heart with reassurance that in the future, you will be proud of yourself for handling any setback with grace, and for moving forward. You are able to persevere using your unique strengths and talents, but you need to understand that your process is going to be different from others.

Setbacks are not the end of the world. Focusing on anything that can go wrong can hold you back in life. Living in fear take a lot of energy, and this energy could be going toward something productive. Letting go of fear and allowing yourself to live a life inspired by your dreams, is the only way to meet your goals and truly enjoy the process, rather than staying in your comfort zone.

The best way to get rid of self doubt is living by your values and nourishing your spiritual side. Trust God to give you the ability to persevere against any hardship, and bless you with patience to never give up on your dreams, despite any problems that may arise to discourage you.

Keep your faith even through hard times. It takes courage to live a life according to your own values and beliefs. Remember that if you’re focused on all of your failures, you won’t be able to move forward. But, if you continue to have hope, and place your actions according to your values, you may discover that you are capable of achieving wonderful, inspiring things.

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