Heart Desire’s

November 24, 2016

Our emotions are a fuel which makes our thoughts powerful. When we think that we are not capable of dealing with the problems in our lives, we make everything impossible to conquer. Self-reflection and self-discovery may help you realise things about yourself that you didn’t really know. Being compassionate towards yourself, allows you to think about past negative events in a positive way. Are you giving yourself enough credit for everything that you’ve done throughout your life? Chances are that you’re being really hard on yourself. Instead of looking back and feeling sorry for the bad experiences you had in life, take some time to reflect and look back at your past glories, from big to small. Acknowledge things that you’ve done that you feel proud of. Eliminating self-critical thoughts is important to stay positive and follow your heart’s direction.

If you feel discouraged, contemplate not only how you feel, but why you feel the way you do. Begin to understand your true self, and allow it to be expressed. Give yourself positive encouragement and credit for the good things you do. When you tune out the rest of the world, you can start building a connection with your heart and soul. Only when you know what your heart wants, you can recognise the opportunities that will lead you to the right path in life. Being able to make good decisions is the key to success, but you are only able to be successful in your choices when you stop feeding your fears. Self discovery can help you to understand the root of your fears, but it requires you to be face-to-face with your deepest self-doubts and insecurities. When you know yourself and accept yourself as a whole, including your flaws, you are able to start embracing who you really are, to let go of your fears and negative emotions, and gain the confidence you need to deal with life’s obstacles. It is impossible to be confident when you are trying to be someone you are not.

Be mindful and pay attention to your thoughts, discover how often you have the same patterns of thought, and if your thoughts are mostly negative or uplifting ones. It is impossible to make a connection to your heart and revealing your true self without focusing on your thoughts and emotions. Knowing yourself requires dedication, but everyone is able to figure out who they truly are, and achieve a great level of self improvement from the experience. We must understand that nobody can define who we are, we need to look for the truth within ourselves.

Uncontrolled emotions can impact your ability to see things clearly. When you focus on being calm, and living in the moment, you are able to align your actions according to your values in life, your beliefs, your personality, your priorities. Maybe it is time to take a serious look at the way you are living your life, stop rushing into things, and put things into perspective. Exploring your thoughts and the reasons behind your actions can provide you with vital knowledge that will lead you to fulfil your life’s purpose. Exploring your heart’s desires is a conscious effort, you need to do it with intention and purpose.

Stop feeling guilty or regretting the past. By doing this, you take away the energy right out of you. Just let go of what can no longer be changed, and focus on moving forward. If you have to make one decision, make a decision to make your dreams part of your daily pursuits, in order to put yourself in the right path in life. When you uncover your true self, and get to know your core values, you will gain the confidence to be who you are meant to be. If you want to be happy, you must be true to who you are.

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