Heal The Pain

October 26, 2020

Path way of Hope and Success The light is on the destination.

We sometimes torment ourselves about choices we’ve made, words we’ve said, and paths not taken. Most of us have different degrees of emotional pain in our energy field that lies below our conscious awareness. We usually dwell on the future, postponing our happiness with thoughts about what is missing or wrong in the present moment. In order to be happier, we need to be aware of our own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, and use this information to guide our thinking and actions appropriately. If we ignore our emotions, or dismiss them, we end up isolating ourselves from the world. We try to numb the pain with temporary measurements, but true healing comes from within ourselves.

It’s common to live our lives with limited resources because the energetic imbalance within us actually causes us to create even more imbalance. That’s why we are constantly looking for something outside ourselves to makes us feel better. While our body is able to  let go of pain the moment the underlying cause is gone, our mind tends to hold on to negative feelings. We need to understand that the more we explore and understand our feelings, the more confident we feel to face any challenge. If we choose not to deal with the way we feel, we find ourselves in a prison of suffering, and it is really difficult to find the way out.

In order to heal, we need to resist the impulse to ignore our feelings or judge them. Self compassion is vital to achieve a state of acceptance. Try to put yourself in the present, and give your energy and attention to it. Meditation is one of the best ways to help you to let go of painful emotions and connect to your true self. In meditation you disconnect yourself from your thoughts and emotions by focusing on a new object of attention. It has the power to bring peace, no matter how busy your mind is.

Make the decision to let go of self-criticism and practice self-acceptance every day. Remember that you are able to put things into perspective and that the future is yours to live. Happiness begins in your thought process: if you change your perspective, your world will also change. There is an unique energy inside you, that brings up all these feelings of happiness and accomplishment, and allows you to cultivate an aura of positivity. Don’t venerate the past or regret the past; just focus on loving yourself. Self acceptance can help you feel confident about yourself, your life, and the changes you want to make. Keeping a grateful heart despite of the circumstances, and being open to forgive yourself and others, is the key to maintain a health spiritual connection that can help you to go through the healing process.

All emotions, including the most difficult ones, can help you to become stronger. Letting go of rejection, avoiding rumination and learning from your failures can all help to heal your emotional pain. Let kindness be your guiding light, and practice kindness toward yourself, toward others and the environment you are in. You can start changing the energy of your thoughts by being grateful, going to places where your mind feels relaxed and calm, and talking to kind of people who do not judge you or your circumstances. Your thoughts carry energy, and where attention goes, energy flows. Your wellbeing depends on being hopeful about the future, adopting a non-judgemental nature and accepting your past. You are capable of keeping guilt from festering and you are responsible for boosting your self esteem: it all starts with using positive self affirmations and being less critical. Emotional pain can make it impossible to enjoy life, and you deserve to be happy. Remember that the soul always know what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind.

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