Haunted House

February 7, 2014

Check out our reader Bernadette’s beautiful poem and her memories of a haunted house in Wales

It stood majestically on its own,

I thought the price was wrong.

For this grand, imposing property

Was being sold for a song.

I couldn’t quite believe it,

As I tugged on my friend’s sleeve,

“It’s even got five bedrooms!”

I barely managed to breathe.


On further investigation,

Its bathrooms, of which it had four,

Were all attached as en-suites to bedrooms,

Spread across two floors.

The lone and fifth large bedroom

Took up all of the third floor.

It was not accessed through the house as normal,

But, rather, by its own separate door.


It was being sold as a business opportunity

As a Bed & Breakfast, it would be perfect.

But when I went to have a look,

It was clear it had one defect.

It was haunted.


For, once upon a time,

A happy young couple lived there.

But the man, he stacked up large gambling debts,

He found his secret too much to bear.

One evening, he met a woman,

Picked her up at a local bar.

That was not the only error he made that night,

For, he also told her of his plight.

The woman became obsessed by him,

He told her it was a huge mistake.

She began to blackmail him about their night,

Because his relationship, she wanted to break.

For she was going to reveal his secrets,

To the woman he loved so dear.

“I will do this, you mark my words”, she said one night,

Her face contorted with a sneer.


The man, he felt so guilty,

Not sleeping- he paced the room at night.

All thoughts of being with THAT woman,

Making him feel so utterly filthy.

The blackmail continued for a while,

The man was broke, and destitute.

The bills were left unpaid,

His girlfriend told him she was leaving

“I cannot live like this”, she said.


The young man became even more distressed,

As he watched his love pack up and leave.

He still could not bear to tell her the truth,

Of his shameful, guilty deeds.

And so it was, one morning bright,

When all the light from his life had gone out.

A noose, he hung from the beam on the kitchen ceiling………

The event left the sleepy Welsh town reeling.

This tale is just too sad to tell,

Of the morning, a young man fell.

For, from the other side, he has a message for all:

“Sometimes, you think your problems are too great,

You feel afraid to tell loved ones, for fear

They will hate


Don’t do what I did,

It was a moment of panic.

There is help out there,

Don’t get so frantic,

That you are too proud or frightened to ask for it.

Please ask for the help, please,

Just do it

I felt inspired to write this poem after having had an incredible medium ship experience while enjoying a weekend away in Wales. I believe that the underlying message is a very important one, and something that we really need to listen to and remember when we are feeling under stress and life just seems too hard to cope with.

My date and I arrived at a lovely bijou B & B in Llangollen, Wales for our weekend away on a lovely fresh spring day. Being keen runners, he and I couldn’t wait to get changed into our running gear and to enjoy an invigorating run along the canal. The sun was quite watery, but the weather was dry (perfect running conditions), and the daffodils were by now in bloom, their bobbing bright yellow heads, making a very cheerful picture. There was a definite feeling of spring in the air, and that weekend in particular there was a party like atmosphere in the village as they welcomed the amazing old fashioned steam trains for the annual fete.  The small town centre was busy and bustling with visitors like ourselves mixed with the locals as we relaxed and soaked up the ambience in our favourite ways. People were enjoying a leisurely coffee on the pavement café by the River Dee which flows through centre of town, while others stood on the bridge watching its waters rush under the bridge, the weak spring sun glistening on its ripples, and another group could be seen down at the River’s edge about to start a canoeing exercise.

So, after a challenging but very gratifying run, my date and I were ready for a chill and a lovely meal made from fresh Welsh produce.

Afterwards, taking a walk through the town, we found ourselves looking through an estate agent’s window, and the lovely rambling Victorian property of Church House caught my eye. Later that evening, looking for a pub with some live music, we found ourselves standing outside a familiar looking property.“This is the one I saw in the estate agent’s window”, I said to my date, tugging his arm to get his attention.  It looked unoccupied, so, being nosey, I walked down the path to take a closer look. But as soon as I set foot on the path, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise, and being a medium, I knew that Spirit was near.

I took a quick peek through the kitchen window, and, as I shuddered I said “I think something terrible happened in that room”, I walked around the back of the house, and suddenly I “saw” a woman come running out of the back door and down the path sobbing her heart out. “Oh my God, did you see that?” I asked my date. “See what?” he said. I said I would explain in the pub.

Getting our drinks, I asked the barmaid if the house next door was haunted and when she nodded sheepishly, I explained what I’d seen. She explained that a man named *Peter hanged himself there almost twenty years previously, and that when his girlfriend found him, she ran out the back door crying and screaming. His girlfriend was heartbroken and moved away from the area almost immediately. The next owner, an old lady was always commenting on how she felt the house was haunted.

The next morning, after breakfast, I was still wondering why poor Peter had taken his own life, so I retuned back to the house. As I stood outside the kitchen window, I closed my eyes as I tuned into Spirit’s energy. Peter finally explained that one night he had cheated on his girlfriend, and, the next day he had tried to tell the other woman that it had been a bad mistake. He felt so ashamed of himself as he loved his girlfriend dearly, and he didn’t want to lose her. The other woman did not take the news that she was dumped, too well, and she began to blackmail him. She knew details about his gambling debts, which, in his drunken stupor, had confided in this other woman the previous night. He was terrified, so he paid off the other woman, but it was not enough, as she began to demand more money, and he soon fell behind with the mortgage. He became very morose and unhappy and his girlfriend told him that she could no longer live with him, and she left him one day a few months afterwards.

He couldn’t live with the guilt of what he’d done, and could see no other solution to his problem other than to take a noose to his neck. So, one morning, that’s exactly what he did.“This is the one I saw in the estate agent’s window”, I said to my date, tugging his arm to get his attention.  It looked unoccupied, so, being nosey, I walked down the path to take a closer look. But as soon as I set foot on the path, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise, and being a medium, I knew that Spirit was near.

However, what Peter didn’t realise was that his girlfriend had felt very bad about abandoning the man she loved when he was clearly in need of help with whatever it was that he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. So, after work that evening, she decided to call round the house in the hopes of working things out with him, only to find him hanging from the beam in the kitchen.

Peter said that in hindsight, he felt that his girlfriend would have forgiven him for the affair, and helped him sort out his debts.

I just kept thinking that it was such a tragedy, and was almost in tears myself at this stage.

I asked him how I could help now and he told me this: “Just tell everyone that no matter how bad things get, suicide is not the answer, there is always someone to help, just don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for that help.

And with that, the heavy energy left, and I just knew then that Peter was finally at peace.

Life is too precious to waste.

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