Happiness Starts With You

September 2, 2016

Set Yourself Free : Happiness Starts With You

Living a fulfilling life is possible if you have a heart full of hope and dreams. Dreams involve risk. They involve putting yourself out there and fighting for what you want. You can only achieve your dreams if you keep a positive mindset despite negative influences. When trying to achieve your dreams, the most important factor is to stay motivated to do so. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed or distracted in a world where most of people don’t know the importance of knowing their purpose in life. Life is a precious gift. Every day we have an incredible opportunity to live fully, feel joy and satisfaction. Learning how to love yourself is a key ingredient for happiness and also to understand how you truly feel about all the things going on in your life. By living a grateful life, and doing things in ways that feel right to you, you can live in alignment with your soul. Enjoying life is all about making a choice to adopt a positive mindset, and going through a period of reflection and gratitude. The best way to find happiness is to make simple everyday changes. First of all you need to allow yourself to enjoy life. You need to practice kindness and respect for yourself in order to learn how to be kind to others and respect others. If you don’t have faith in yourself, you will fail to take action. Believing in yourself involves accepting your circumstances and having trust in your choices. In order to achieve your goals, you need to put your mistakes behind you, and focus on your qualities.

Think about when was the last time you simply enjoyed life. Think about a moment when you were connected to yourself, to others and to the world around you. Deep inside you know when you’re not living in alignment with your true essence. Even when nothing is obviously wrong in your life, you get an unsettling feeling that nothing feels right, and everyday feels the same, no excitement at all. If you want to live a happier life, you need to free yourself from what is causing you to be miserable, and the only way to do it, is by not being dependent on external circumstances to feel positive emotions, but rather find satisfaction from an inner sense of wellbeing, and living in alignment with your values. It’s noticing the world around you, and trying to look at it as something imbued with the unknown.

Include meditation time in your routine, learn to slow down even if just for a few moments, and reconnect with what is happening from moment to moment. Meditation helps you to notice more of what is present both in your environment and within yourself. If I’ve learned one thing in life, it is that in order to find inspiration, we need to disconnect from our usual routine. Start a journal or simply make a list of the talents, skills and thoughts that you have, and your goals in life. Be prepared to open yourself to new experiences, because you are always able to learn new things. Remember to focus on the small steps when working toward achieving your goals, and avoid looking at the big picture, otherwise you’re going to get overwhelmed. Your desire may take time to achieve, but you have to begin somewhere. It all starts with making a decision to live a better lifestyle that feels good and stick to it.

Let go of your fears, and give yourself the time and permission for self-love in order to make your dreams a reality. Dare to leave your comfort zone, and take some risks in order to move forward. Remember that being positive about your future is the key to maintain your life worth living.  No one else is going to go after your dreams for you. Everyone has their own dreams and their own goals for what they want to achieve in life. Most of the successful and inspiring people in the world aren’t different from you, they just had the courage and sense of self-worth to go after their dreams. Having a positive mindset and feeling good in the present moment increases your chance for success. Happiness brings success to your life, not the other way round… so don’t limit yourself to what everybody else thinks you should do. Live a life where you wake up every day feeling excited because you have something to live for. Miracles starts to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams, as you do to your fears.

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